Friday, October 19, 2012

Upward Trends

Early voting begins late this year in Illinois, on October 22. So if you haven't yet, you can start your voting this Monday, bright and early. In Illinois, Pres. Obama and Gov. Romney are running neck and neck, the polls say the presidential contest here is tighter than a Lake County slot machine video gaming workstation.

Ordinarily your LakeCountyEye can estimate who is really up and who is down by counting yardsigns. But as readers of this blog are erroneously aware ...
Q the Eye/10.17.12
every Obama and Romney sign has been stolen and are being u-hauled out of Lake County to places like Iowa and Ohio -- where the polls are tighter than the Lake County slot machines.

Of course it takes more than a stolen yardsign to pull the rug out from under your LakeCountyEye -- who can report unequivocally that Lake County may be trending in a direction favorable to one presidential candidate. The trend is based on leading indicators observed this year by your LakeCountyEye.

One indicator is the ethics complaint filed this month against, among others, a sitting Lake County Board Commissioner ...
"WoosterWater Scam, Inc."
This is part of a more than decades-long dispute over what sorts of access restriction a real estate developer can impose on the residents of Wooster Lake.

Other trending indicators include a rerouting of Route 45 that was instigated by a former (and presently unconvicted) Lake County Board Chairwoman ...
Millburn Bypass News
In its current trajectory, Route 45 is to be rerouted through a heavily populated Lindenhurst residential neighborhood. The route is designed to bypass nearby farmland that is expected someday to be developed into valuable real estate parcels.

Finally, earlier this year, one retiring County Board Commissioner was instrumental in turning the vacant DiMucci property along Route 12 in Lake Zurich ...
2012 09 06 Dimucci ZBA Part01
... into a mega-shopping-plaza that no-one asked for and nobody wants.

The trendline is obvious because the trends all trend in one direction:
  1. It is good to be rich
  2. It is good to own land.
  3. And failing either (a) or (b), it is good sit on the Lake County Board.
Based on this trendline, your LakeCountyEye predicts a big Lake County win for Mitt Romney.


Anonymous said...

"WoosterWater Scam"

Another shining example of Bonnie Carter teaming up with developers and ripping off her constituency through malintended use of government in Lake County.

Where is Michael Waller? Hiding under a rock?

Anonymous said...

The daily fishwrap never ceases to amaze as once again it's endorsing career politician Bonnie Carter for a 6th term.

In Lake County it's not a matter of "Is there corruption?", it's a matter of "How deep is the corruption?"