Friday, October 12, 2012

Grace Period Registration Under Fire

Say Goodnight GracieYour LakeCountyEye doesn't know what Grace Period Registration is, but it must be something. That's because a lot of effort went into suppressing it in Lake County. And then unsuppressing it. According to the News-Sun ...
A decision by Lake County Clerk Willard Helander to move grace period voter registration for the Nov. 6 presidential election from Waukegan to Libertyville was apparently modified Wednesday after a call from the Lake County News-Sun. The NAACP Lake County Branch and local Democratic leaders accused Helander, a Republican, of attempting to suppress the vote by forcing later registrants who live along the county's shoreline to travel to the Lake County Central Permit Facility, 500 W. Winchester Road, in Libertyville.
Clerk changes vote registration travel edict
Given that no one knows where or even what it is, the Lake County Central Permit Facility would seem to be the perfect boneyard for squelching the vote. (Your LakeCountyEye speaks from experience, after a number of unsuccessful expeditions to the vehicle impound there.)

As the case may be, the showdown at the Lake County Central Permit Facility was perhaps a bridge too far. Willard Helander blinked, and Grace Period Registration will continue at the County Clerk's office -- where between now and the election, the County Clerk is bound by statute to register any and all qualified citizens who may happen to wander in from off the street:
Lake County Building
18 N County St
Monday -- Friday
8:30am -- 5:00pm
But every story deserves a happy ending. Your LakeCountyEye has compiled ten much better locations for offloading the County Clerk's Grace Period Registration duties:

Ten Acceptable Places in Lake County
for Conducting Grace Period Registrations
  1. At Racine Wisconsin Polling Locations

  2. On the Route 53 Extension Tollway Oasis

  3. Blarney Island

  4. At the Fort Sheridan 19th Hole Bar & Grill

  5. In Port Barrington:
    Come for the Grace Period Registration
    Stay for the Video Gambling!

  6. On the DiMucci Property

  7. In the Cuneo Mansion:

    The Official Residence of the Lake County Clerk

  8. At the Land & Lakes Landfill

  9. Graceland Cemetery:
    Where Grace Period Registration is Done Chicago Style

  10. In the Lake County Jail

Look for your LakeCountyEye gracing you with your LakeCountyEye's presence.


Anonymous said...

Saw a comment in the Daily Herald about 'Voter ID Laws" where she was called a Lake County GOP Queenpin.

louisgatsaves said...

Heaven forbid registration should be located in the CENTER of the County!

Barney Baxter said...

hey Louis,
Long time no see.

Anonymous said...

LGA..heaven forbid the office of the Clerk should stop doing the people's work.

louisgatsaves said...

Sorry BB, have been swamped with all these election things and my own blog,

Will return to a normal life after 11/6 for one day, then start up again!

Barney Baxter said...

hi Louis,

You beat me to the punch. I was going to compliment your new blog


Anonymous said...

Yeah but the LGA Blog doesn't allow for dissenting views. It is heavily censored. You know freedom the likes of LGA speak but seldom act.

louisgatsaves said...

Sorry anon, but I do allow for dissenting views. I don't allow flaming. Big difference!

louisgatsaves said...

Thanks Barney!