Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creepy Tribune Cartoonist
Stands by His Ladies Man

The annual cost of a home-delivered Chicago Tribune now exceeds a car payment, but your LakeCountyEye still keeps an eye peeled for the Tribune's Creepy Cartoonist. If his latest cartoon is any indication, spring must be in the air for the Creepy Tribune Cartoonist or something:

GOP: For The Ladies
The two creepy guys in the drawing, Akin and Mour-dock, presumably represent GOP candidates who hope to ride the current tsunami of anti-women sentiment straight into the US Senate. But who is the third, dorky, guy in the picture, bearing a box of chocolates FOR the LADIES? Your LakeCountyEye suspects one high-profile Congressman who represents an affluent portion of Lake County.

Just about every Illinois GOP Congressman has been riding this same anti-woman wave, voting for Bills that negatively impact upon a women's health, reproductive freedom, retirement. But only one of these Congressmen has been ardently courting these same ladies for their vote with campaign mailers and robo-calls full of election day promises and other sweet nothings:
The Ladies Man Cometh
The third guy, without any doubt, is a spot-on dead ringer for 6th District Congressman -- and ladies man -- Peter Roskam:
Not Again!? Not another hilarious LakeCountyEye Double Vision™!
Note to operatives: If anyone tells you Peter Roskam is in need of a good wingman, think again. The Creepy Tribune Cartoonist has Roskam's back!

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