Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lakemoor by Accident than by Design

As readers of this blog are dimly aware ...
Motto Industry
Motto Manufacturing
no one loves a contest ginned up to generate some free publicity for a Lake County municipality more than your LakeCountyEye. Not uncoincidentally, the Village of Lakemoor has announced a Village Logo & Motto Design Contest, along with a $500 prize:
The Village of Lakemoor is sponsoring a contest to create a new Town logo and motto. The selected designs will be used to promote a new community image, assist in the recruitment of new businesses and development, and used on the Town's letterhead, business cards, maps, etc.
Lakemoor New Logo Design/Motto Contest
If you are an operative who doesn't know what or where the Village of Lakemoor is, you are not alone. Forced to look it up, your LakeCountyEye has learned that Lakemoor is tucked away between Johnsburg, the ancestral home of Congressman Joe Walsh; and Island Lake, the village of friendly people. And according to their Wikipedia entry ...
Lakemoor is also home to a vast number of Mosquitos that proliferate in the wetland habitat.
Lakemoor, Illinois
Armed with these facts, your LakeCountyEye cracked open a fresh pack of Sharpies and drew up a new village logo for Lakemoor:
The logo has been thoroughly eyeballed by a double-blind focus group, where to a man the reaction has been: What the heck is that supposed to be?

Note to operatives: while amateurs may explain their work -- real artists don't. Your LakeCountyEye doesn't know heck that is supposed to be. Your LakeCountyEye does know the logo looks bitchin cool.

They better legalize video gaming there real quick, because your LakeCountyEye will be in Lakemoor soon to claim that $500!

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