Friday, October 5, 2012

If 6 Was 9

snookeredNot for nothing is the Daily Herald the Newspaper of Record in Lake County. Every election, like clockwork, Herald -- the Old Gray Lady -- summons the candidates over for an interview. The candidate meets with the Herald and says some junk. And the Herald then turns the junk into a story. For instance ...
Citizenship as a birthright should not be extended to children born in the United States whose parents entered the country illegally, says Republican Timothy Wolfe, who is challenging incumbent Jan Schakowsky in the 9th Congressional District race. Wolfe's comments came Thursday as he met with representatives of the Daily Herald editorial board.
Schakowsky, Wolfe starkly differ on immigration
Here is a challenger who wants to expunge the citizenship clause from the US Constitution -- either with an unconstitutional law or a constitutional Constitutional Amendment. And the Herald takes the opportunity to get the 9th District incumbent into a box -- she is asked to either stand up for the Constitution or withhold citizenship from anchor babies.

Your LakeCountyEye suspects that anchor babies were not the only topic of these interviews. But it is the topic the Herald chose to lead with. Haha, if nothing else, the voters have a clear choice in the 9th Congressional District.

This is the lead from an interview with 6th Congressional District candidates:
An advisory committee studying the Route 53 extension recommended the conversion to the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority, which has not decided yet if it will undertake the project. Although Democrat Leslie Coolidge and Republican Congressman Peter Roskam are far apart on many issues, both balk at the concept of turning an existing highway into a tollway.
6th District hopefuls both balk about toll proposal
Your LakeCountyEye suspects that tollways were not the only topic of these interviews -- but the big story coming out of the 6th Congressional District is both candidates don't care much for tollways. There may be a frost warning tonight -- but all your LakeCountyEye can hear coming out of the 6th District is the sound of crickets.

The American Conservative Union gives Peter Roskam a lifetime ranking of 93.6 out of 100. One would think the voters had a clear choice, as well, in the 6th Congressional District. Unless of course you get your news from the Daily Herald. Haha, if there is a frost on election day expect the voters in the Sixth District to stay home -- because meh why bother?

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