Monday, October 29, 2012

Sign "O" the Times

Lake County Congressman, and banty rooster, Joe Walsh has a new yardsign:
Your LakeCountyEye -- always with the eye peeled for political yardsigns -- says there is much to like about Walsh's sign. Clean font, bold name in capital letters, primary colors, all make for the effective mass marketing tool.

What immediately catches the eye, however, is the occult-like symbol at the top of the sign:
Anyone stuck waiting at a red-light camera who happens to notice will have to be thinking: What the heck is up with that thing?

Well your LakeCountyEye has learned what the heck is up.

Operatives of a certain age may recall 1980s American Idol Prince. Hoping to kick-start his fading career, the long-in-the-tooth rock'n'roll musician changed his stage name to
The Artist Formerly Known As Prince
and adopted a recherché symbol to serve as his logo:
Close enough to pass for another hilarious LakeCountyEye Double Vision™!
Well, your LakeCountyEye has it on the highest authority that Team Walsh Inc. is looking forward to their post-election prospects, with an eye toward retooling their brand. The blood-red recherché symbol is Walsh's new logo. Walsh himself is henceforward to be referred to as The Former Congressman Known As Joe Walsh.


Gene said...

Actually these red signs are being distributed by and NOT by the Walsh Team. I saw these on dosplay at the Walsh-Duckworth Debate at the Meadows Club and even took a photo of them at the booth that was set up. Like you, I even questioned the new design but that was when they told me it was THEIR design team that created them, not the Walsh Team. In fact, they were rather stingy about giving them out free and as I recall were charging for them. The link below is a close-up of the sign on display at the debate:

Barney Baxter said...

hi Gene,

With friends like those, who needs enemies?