Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Endorse Case Scenario

Fightin' Joe Walsh, is fightin' mad. As readers of this blog are unpleasantly aware ...
A Nill of Endorsement
The big newspapers all declined to endorse Walsh. The Eighth District Congressman is so fightin' mad over the snub that he fired off a press release to let them know that they can dis-endorse him all they want, he don't care:
I'm not at all surprised by the decisions of the Chicago Tribune and the Daily Herald to endorse Tammy Duckworth. Ms. Duckworth has always been the preferred candidate of the elite Chicago liberal media. The day I care what the Chicago media thinks about me or this race will be the same day that I leave the political arena.
Walsh calls Tribune, Daily Herald "irrelevant"
Your LakeCountyEye has found that when in a state similar to this one, it is often helpful to double down on the meds. Just sayin!

Now if your LakeCountyEye had a dollar for every candidate who failed to pick up some expected newspaper endorsement, your LakeCountyEye would have at least another couple thousand dollars. Newspapers are all in the business to make a profit. And it's no secret that every newspaper keeps their bottom-line interests foremost in mind, when deciding who and who not to endorse. So the next time that newspaper fails to come through with that crucial endorsement, remember -- it's nothing personal, just business.

To prove your LakeCountyEye isn't just making this stuff up, here is the actual, closely held secret decision tree that most newspapers follow when doling out their political endorsements:

Is the candidate very likely to win?

Does the candidate
(or their dad's/spouse's business)
buy ads on your newspaper

Do you have the cell # of the candidate?

Is the candidate the incumbent?

Is the candidate a Republican?

Is the candidate a Tea Party Loyalist?

Does the candidate clean up well
in a $90 suit

Thanks for Playing!

Decry the sorry state of the commonweal and instruct your readers to move along, there is nothing else to see.
We have a winner!

Gin up two or three plausible rationalizations for your decision and endorse that candidate!



"Advertisements contain the only truths to be relied on in a newspaper." - Founding Father Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

The Daily Herald is a farce in Lake County. One can surely see the mission they are on. Liberal media my ass.

Anonymous said...

Clearly what appears to be happening is that the DH wants a GOP controlled Springfield. Now the test in Lake County will be to see how they endorse those running county-wide and for county board. 174 years of GOP control has led to a county that continues to raise property taxes (14th highest in the nation), is corrupt, arrests and convicts the wrong people, have people dying in their jail cells.
Come on DH, do have what it takes to say time for change?

Anonymous said...

Is there an incumbent the Daily Herald doesn't endorse?

My God, if they endorse incumbent Terry Link they'll endorse any incumbent.

RLA News said...

Anonymous said...
"The Daily Herald is a farce in Lake County"

I attended and videotaped the debate on Tuesday and read with disbelief the article in the DH where one of their reporters wrote that the crowd was "alcohol fueled" simply because there were two portable bars set up at each end of the lobby area. Don't believe everything you read in the DH since this was such a ridiculous remark it was beyond belief. The short video I have of the lobby as people mingled for an hour waiting for the 7:00 start doesn't show anyone holding a plastic cup. The reporter made it sound like it was the 7th inning stretch and everyone was pretty well hammered. One person even commented online that "that explains why............(the commotion between supporters)" Even the short video I put together of the face-to-face arguments outside doesn't show a single alcoholic beverage. Don't write Walsh off just yet. He's in it to win it!