Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monument to Cupidity?

Your LakeCountyEye, last observed careening about the uncharted northern steppes of Lake County ...
The Bob & Tom Show
after one too many right turns is blogging tonight from Crystal Lake. To make matters worse, the GPS tracking device attached to the LakeCountyEye low-speed vehicle indicated that Crystal Lake is in gasp! McHenry County.

Luckily, your LakeCountyEye was able to find an information kiosk. However hopes for getting directions back to the LakeCountyEye compound got the kibosh when that kiosk turned out to be a Sheriff's sub-station instead:
Rogue's Gallery
Just your LakeCountyEye's luck, there was nobody at home in the sub-station.

Can some operative contact the McHenryCountyBlog?
Could TIF Monument Ads Help City Collect More Sales Taxes?
Hopefully one of the public sector pensioners over there will know where your LakeCountyEye is stranded.

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