Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friends in High Places

Joe Walsh is the only only Illinois Congressman that gets a perfect 100% score this year from the Family Research Council. But, as reported by the CapitolFaxBlog, the pro-life organization is endorsing instead Walsh's primary opponent, Randy Hultgren:
Group rates Walsh votes perfect, but actually backs opponent
With Walsh's support dropping faster lately than a court ordered rule to show cause, your LakeCountyEye has to ask: Does anyone have Joe Walsh's back these days?

When the New York Times prints an unflattering story about Walsh, he can still count on support from the corporate suits at TeamAmerica10th, who observe that Walsh has ...
almost a half-million dollars in cash-on-hand in his campaign account, no credible Dem opponent as of yet (yes, we know he has a primary to get past first), and a core group of solid (dare I say rabid) supporters. NYT notwithstanding, anyone who sneers and writes off Joe Walsh at this point would be making a big mistake.
The New York Times Takes a Swing at Joe Walsh
And the public sector pensioner's at the McHenryCountyBlog can be counted on to post photos of Walsh's sparsely attended job fair in Woodstock:
Billions Served

Hundreds and hundreds of job seekers.
600-700 Attend Joe Walsh’s Job Fair in Woodstock
But it would seem that other than TeamAmerica10th and the McHenryCountyBlog and the National Front Party in France ...
French far-right candidate visits with Walsh
Walsh has few friends left.

No doubt the rigors of appearing on the campaign trail and on cablenews and in court has found Walsh spreading himself thin lately. Walsh, who is caught in a close, winner-take-all primary battle, looks like he needs all the friends he can get. So as a service to the Congressman, your LakeCountyEye has posted a friends button:
Joe Walsh
Who needs money, message or manpower to win elections when you got lots of Facebook friends instead?

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