Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dirty Poll!

Pushlamochree!There's an old-fashioned donnybrook brewing up between two candidates locked in a titanic primary-election struggle over who will be the Republican standard bearer in the 14th Congressional District. Joe Walsh and Randy Hultgren both lay claim to the 14th, a district that meanders through the parts of Lake County that no one ever goes to, and is widely regarded a sure-win, come next November, for any Republican candidate. And with less than 5 months before the primary at least one candidate is already crying foul. According to NBC Chicago ...
Walsh is accusing Hultgren of conducting a "push poll" by asking voters whether Walsh's personal life might influence their primary vote. In a push poll, a campaign worker calls voters and asks questions like, "Knowing that Congressman Snood was removed from his position as a Scoutmaster on a morals charge, would you be more or less likely to vote for him?"
Walsh Threatens to "Punch" Hultgren Over Push Poll
Ha ha. Operatives who were looking forward to participating in Hultgren's push-poll may have missed their opportunity, and are advised to find an occupation more profitable than hovering near their landlines. As an incentive, your LakeCountyEye did have an opportunity to participate in the push-poll, and remembers most of the questions. Ten to be exact:

Ten Questions Asked about Joe Walsh
by Randy Hultgren's Push-Poll
  1. Knowing that Congressman Walsh was removed from his position as a gascon on the Lawrence O'Donnell Show, would you be more or less likely to vote for him?
  2. Would you buy a used car from Joe Walsh?
  3. Did Joe Walsh remember to set his clocks back yesterday?
  4. If Joe Walsh was, like, secretly Aquaman or the Wolverine or something, would you vote for him then?
  5. How much money does Joe Walsh owe you?
  6. Were you offered competitive terms and conditions, would you consider hiring a regionally accredited collection agency?
  7. Who would win in a fair fight -- Joe Walsh or Don Henley?
  8. We have cash. Do you have gold?
  9. Was Joe Walsh ever sexually harassed by Herman Cain?
  10. Who would win in a fist fight -- Joe Walsh or Randy Hultgren?

For the record your LakeCountyEye scored 7 out of 10 -- which earns a gentleman's C and a 50% off coupon from a regionally accredited collection agency.

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Foot Steps said...

Here is a chance for this blog to truely be non-partisan. Will there actually be a post on Yingling and his cronism screw-up. In political terms we call this dead politician walking.