Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Custom Signage

... and here ... and here ...Your LakeCountyEye is liveblogging from the Emergency Room of -- had there been a County Hospital -- Lake County Hospital. And not only liveblogging, but liveblogging lefthandedly -- your LakeCountyEye's right hand is currently in a sling.

As readers of this blog are openly aware ...
State Senate District 31 is now and all of a sudden an open seat. The world population may officially stand at 7 billion, but easily as many candidates may be found circulating ballot petitions in Senate 31. Or so it would seem -- your LakeCountyEye believes that citizenship confers a responsibility to the democratic process, even when that means signing nominating petitions. All 7 billion of them.

Long story short, one 911 call plus ambulance ride later, and your LakeCountyEye is mulling over a diagnosis of writer's block writer's cramp carpal tunnel syndrome -- and with nothing more to show for it than an unpaid hospital bill. Your LakeCountyEye takes some consolation in the knowledge that when those petitions are inevitably challenged in December, every one of those LakeCountyEye JohnHancocks will be stricken by the judge. You see, voters aren't allowed to sign in a district where they don't live. Or sign more than one nominating petition per any election contest. Or sign if they're not registered to vote. Or a convicted felon. Or whatever. So, to all those candidates in Senate 31 who are thrown off the ballot because your petition-packet is loaded with invalid LakeCountyEye signatures: Psych!

Ha ha j/k. Truth be told, your LakeCountyEye had been hoping to produce the signatures needed to personally appear on that Senate District 31 primary ballot. But now that the LakeCountyEye writing-hand is in a sling, it's looking like there are at least two names that will not be seen on the ballot in Senate 31.

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