Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Virile Video

Your LakeCountyEye is doubling down, letting it all ride on the Quinella Quadrella, hoping no one will notice this is the fourth Joe Walsh story in a row. It's pretty much a sucker bet, as there's a new townhall video of Walsh chewing up the scenery for the benefit of the camera. Again. But this time it's all over the web and the cablenews and the talkradio and the teevee and everywhere. Watch it, for instance, at ThinkProgress:
GOP Rep. Joe Walsh Melts Down, Screams At Constituents: 'Dont Blame Banks! ... I Am Tired Of Hearing That Crap!'
What is remarkable about the video is not the fact that it caught some of his enablers constituents on the receiving end of the famed JoeWalsh fists of figurative fury. Your LakeCountyEye understands this is a matter-of-fact course of events at the Joe Walsh re-election offices. Remarkable is the source of the video:
Rep. Joe Walsh: DON’T Blame Banks and Marketplace
Sharpeyed operatives will immediately recognize the work of the official LakeCountyEye featured blogger, the Round Lake District 116 blog. Just scroll down and look for their blog along the right column. If you don't see it, keep scrolling. Past the ads. Somewhere near the bottom.

The videographers at the Round Lake District 116 are heretofore best known for their video of some cars going around and around a Lake County traffic circle ...

About a month ago I shot a video of the Hunt Club & Wadsworth Road roundabout that was recently completed. It's about six minutes long just to show how drivers are currently treating it like nothing more than a curve in the road. Once traffic can continue South to Milburn Road, things should change drastically as in "CRASH-EM-UP-DERBY" if they don't start treating the intersection like an intersection.
The Roundabout Runaround
And now all of a sudden the bloggers at Round Lake District 116 can claim bragging rights to a certifiably viral video. How awesome is that -- is this a great country or what?

Well, your LakeCountyEye is dusting off the Bell & Howell and heading over to the FotoMat to pick up a couple hundred feet of 16mm stock. And afterwards a quick spin through the nearest roundabout.


Anonymous said...

How is the horse tunnel? Where you able to use it? Probably not. Just another example of public funds being used for private well connected venture.

District116 said...

BB ~ Too funny, thanks for the kudos! Yes, we were the one shooting the full length video that others elected to hijack portions of. The Huffington -Post just removed the second pirated video after I was able to get the first one shut down and now credit my blog for it. Of about ten pirated versions, most have either been shut down or agreed to add an annotation similar to what Fox News, MSNBC, WTTW, Tribune, and others have done after consent was given. Just for the record, though, I never titled my 50 minute video as a Walsh 'meltdown'. That was what others tagged it in their 2 to 6 minute versions. But Joe has to live by his actions and how they are perceived.

Anyway, as far as going round and round, I'm planning on taking a chair or maybe a fishing shelter to keep the snow off when the Milburn/Hunt Club round-a-bout is completed. I'm expecting a LOT of accidents at the one on Wadsworth because drivers have been used to simply breezing through it as seen in the video you included. They are treating it like a simple curve in the road and most barely slow down. Old habits are hard to break.

Always enjoy reading your blog :-)


District116 said...

BB ~ One other thing. Did you happen to notice that ThinkProgress (the first link you show) is now using the Fox News videoclip which credits my blog?

They were one of the ones who shut down their pirated video rather than fight the infringement complaint filed with YouTube..

Barney Baxter said...

hi Gene,

For the record to the readers, I posted that roundabout video of yours as a joke. You actually have an extensive video library of Walsh townhalls on your blog and YouTube.

The 2 minute "Meltdown" version was obviously pirated by the oppo guys, and I never thought that was your intention. In fact I thought Walsh got a bum rap on that one. I've had the pleasure of attending some of Walsh's townhall performances, and to me he was obviously mugging to the camera in the Uno/Gurnee video.

I would imagine the classier outfits like ThinkProgress could be counted on to eventually show some proper netiquette. Unlike some unclassy operations, like for instance LakeCountyEye.