Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Re-doozi

The long protracted moratorium on Suzi Schmidt jokes is officially over. As readers of this blog are presciently aware ...
A Difference of Opinion
your LakeCountyEye has been dropping hints broad enough to stop traffic in a roundabout that embattled State Senator Suzi Schmidt will decide to run for re-election. Well today Schmidt made it official. According to the paper on top of the story, the Daily Herald ...
Some Republicans have pressured her to resign. Pat Brady, chairman of the Illinois Republican Party, said he was disappointed with Schmidt's decision to stay in office.
Suzi Schmidt staying in Senate despite 911 call controversy
The story even made the 6 o'clock news. NBC Chicago has an inexplicably huge full-portrait photo of Schmidt on their website, to prove it:
Ill. Sen. Suzi Schmidt Defies Critics, Will Seek Re-Election
Anyhow, let the Suzi Schmidt jokes begin:

Q: What's the difference between Webster's Unabridged Dictionary and Suzi Schmidt?

A: There's no QUIT in Suzi Schmidt!


Anonymous said...

alternate answers to your question:

There's also no morals, ethics,caring(unless you define it as only about yourself) and lots of cronyism, self serving,...the list goes on

Anonymous said...

Oh joy! There's only one way for Larry to make a dent and that is to eviscerate Suzi. Forget Paul Thomas Anderson. We're going to have our own, Lake County version of "There Will Be Blood"! Brady and Radogno on one side, Venturi and Bob Cook on the other! Reserve your bludgeons today!

Anonymous said...

As reported in other papers:

"After her announcement, Senator Schmidt was observed blasting though her garage door in the 'Deathmobile' from the movie Animal House. Local authorities have alerted all Lake County males to take refuge in their basements until after the Senator's fourth or fifth counseling session."