Sunday, October 23, 2011

Horse Manure

The Business EndThe high rollers are all loading their dice in anticipation of a new casino rumored to be built in Old Mill Creek. Ha ha, as readers of this blog are improbably aware ...
A Trojan Horse?
your LakeCountyEye has been speculating that the village of Old Mill Creek's high-stakes, organized effort to fastrack the Route 45 Bypass is a strong indication that the new Lake County casino will be built there. The evidence for this inescapable conclusion is admittedly scant, but it does make for a convenient lead-in to another LakeCountyEye comedy bit.

Whenever seeking confirmation of an unconfirmed rumor, your LakeCountyEye relies on the tried and true method of conducting a push-poll. Ten Lake County odds-makers were asked at random what chance they give that Lake County sees a casino in Old Mill Creek. Here are the scientific results:

Ten Reasons to Build the Lake County Casino in Old Mill Creek
  1. Two words: Roundabout Roulette!
  2. OTB betting in all the stables.
  3. Who isn't in for a round of Horse Poker?
  4. Why drive to Hammond when there's a Horseshoe Casino in Old Mill Creek? Best odds. Highest limits. Biggest jackpots.
  5. One quarter horse equals a seat at 25 penny slots.
  6. Not everyone thinks of road apples when they hear the word craps.
  7. Origin of CROUPIER: French, literally, rider on the croup of a horse
  8. Definition of CROUP: the rump of a quadruped
  9. An Old Mill Creek stable will be getting a cool new name: The Five Card Stud Farm
  10. They're betting on the quinella. Nuff said.

Look for your LakeCountyEye on the horse your LakeCountyEye rode in on.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting to know when I can access my taxpayer-paid-$40,000-tunnel under Hunt Club Road. What's $15,000 per day times a month?

Which is it again, Marty Bueller, I mean Tim Smith? Is it a public tunnel or a private one?

I particularly appreciate Tim Smith goes out to personally "greet" taxpayers when they go out to see this debacle under Hunt Club Rd., where Smith is telling people the tunnel is privately owned and the $40,000 of taxpayer money went to pavement and a new guardrail at the tunnel. Nice spin.

Even if that were true amongst all the untruths being told, the new pavement and new guardrail wouldn't have been needed if Mr. Smith wasn't getting his new tunnel.

Political connections in Lake County really pay off.

Just ask Mr. Smith, Bonnie Thomson Carter, and Suzi Schmidt.