Saturday, October 15, 2011

Bates and Switch

The DIY Cartoonist at the Lake County Journal this week published an homage to Oscar winning actress Kathy Bates:
The remake of the Elephant Men
Lake County Journal Editorial Cartoon
The spot-on likeness depicts Kathy Bates in her sleeper hit, About Schmidt. Bates, in that movie, is famous for doing a nude scene up against one lucky dog of an actor, Jack Nicholson:
Hot Tub
Bates is probably most recognized from her breakout role in the movie Misery. Here is Bates in that scene with her big gavel:
Drop the Hammer
Kathy Bates currently stars as criminal attorney Harriet Korn in the hit NBC series Harry's Law:
... or are you just glad to see me?
A tip of the LakeCountyEye eyeshade goes out to the Lake County Journal's DIY Cartoonist. In an age when youth and sex-appeal is worshipped, the DIY Cartoonist has impeccable taste in Hollywood actresses.


Anonymous said...

For a moment I laughed at the similarities between Schmidt and Bates' character in Misery. But the thought of Suzi in the hot tub like Bates cured me of any humor for, um, decades!

Excuse me while I take a sharp stick to my mind's eye!

Anonymous said...

One thing the cartoonist forgot to draw were good oldMC tim pulling the strings...and maybe another one of those recent campaign contributions he made to her