Saturday, October 29, 2011

The 411 on 911

Who hasn't dialed 911 to order a pizza or get directions to Binny's? Like every Lake County community, Lake Villa counts on their 911 service for legitimate emergencies. So your LakeCountyEye took note when the News-Sun reported that ...
Emergency dispatch services for the Lake Villa Police Department will switch from Antioch's dispatch center to FoxComm 9-1-1 center at the Fox Lake Public Safety Building beginning Nov. 1.
Cost savings prompts Lake Villa 9-1-1 move to Fox Lake
Your LakeCountyEye recalls a recent spike in volume of 911 calls reported in that city, and wishes the village of Lake Villa the best of luck in the transition. Be sure to double-shift your night dispatchers!

In other, unrelated 911 news, the News-Sun updated their story about former Lake County Board member Larry Leafblad. Leafblad hopes to challenge State Senator Suzi Schmidt in the March primary. Your LakeCountyEye hears that other high-profile candidates may show up on the ballot for Senate 31, as well.

The reason Schmidt, an incumbent 20-year politican, is being challenged is well-known. According to the News-Sun, Leafblad thinks that Schmidt "mortally wounded herself" ...
"At the same time, I can see if she wins the primary, which I hope she doesn't, the fall is going to be the Democrats playing 9-1-1 call after 9-1-1 call after 9-1-1 call for 10 weeks up to the general election," Leafblad said. "It's going to be brutal, and I don’t think she can win."
Leafblad: Schmidt 'vulnerable next fall'
In a close primary it's a good idea to remind the voters about your opponent's flaws, in this case some embarassing 911 calls. However it is ill-advised to directly attack your opponent. But reminding the voters that the Democrats will be attacking your opponent about some embarassing 911 calls gets the job done. Well played, Larry Leafblad.

With a likely crowded field on the Republican side in Senate 31, look for at least one debate scheduled before the primary. Probably at Lakes Community High School or a similar venue. Your LakeCountyEye expects that every statement uttered at that debate will contain a noun and a verb and 911.

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