Thursday, October 6, 2011

Negative Feedback

What is a Nabob anyways?Autumn in Lake County means one of two things: Leaf-peepers are out looking for some primary colors. Or operatives are out looking for some leaf-peepers to sign their primary petitions. As readers of this blog are redoundingly aware ...
The Re-doozi
embattled State Senator Suzi Schmidt announced she will seek re-election, which means she must -- like every candidate -- collect the required number of petition signatures before the December 5 deadline.

Schmidt already has at least one announced Primary challenger. According to the News-Sun former County Board member Larry Leafblad ...
informed Schmidt that he intends to run against her because her "negatives" are insurmountable after the release last week of four embarrassing 9-1-1 recordings by the Lake County Sheriff's Office. "I told her, 'Imagine what would happen if the Democratic spin doctors run those 9-1-1 tapes in the commercials next fall. They're going to crucify you, Suzi, and I can't stand that happening to you,'" Leafblad said.
Sen. Schmidt to run for re-election
Apparently Leafblad wants to defeat Schmidt in the Primary to save her from being embarrassed in the General election. Ha ha. Anyhow, Leafblad is right about one thing, Schmidt's political negatives are at the moment skyhigh, erm, rockbottom.

Negative perceptions, it goes without saying, are kryptonite for a candidate. As you read this, the political campaigns in Senate District 31 have already mapped out Schmidt's negatives with an eye to exploiting or defusing them, as the case may be.

Those wishing to be a fly on the wall need look no farther than this blog. Operatives have informed your LakeCountyEye that while Schmidt's negatives are formidable they are still manageable in number. That manageable number happens to be ten; they are reproduced here:

Embattled State Senator Suzi Schmidt's
10 Highest Political Negatives

  1. No Political Punch
  2. Lacks the Acumen of a Career Politician
  3. Makes Phone Calls When Behind the Wheel
  4. No Street Cred
  5. Too Many Connections for a Short Fuse
  6. All Bark
  7. No Bite
  8. Did Not Demand the Death Penalty for the Millburn Strangler
  9. Makes Joe Walsh Look Like Honest Abe
  10. No One Takes Her Calls

For operatives scoring at home, your LakeCountyEye's negatives are all to be found at the FotoMat.


Bystander said...

I'm glad she's running - should be a three-ring circus. I can't even feel sorry for her or her husband on their loss of privacy, now that I've heard the 911 tapes (thanks for posting those).

Anonymous said...

I'm a republican lifer and I hope Melinda Bush kicks her ass! Couldn't stand SS last time and would never vote for her this time. Anyone would be beter. Sadly her staying on will ensure the seat goes Dem again