Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Junior G-Man

Is it sweetest day or something? The Chicago Tribune yesterday sent an unabashed front-page valentine to Senator Mark Kirk:

U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk using gravitas of office to influence home-state politics, policy
He's restoring the traditional role of Illinois' junior senator, he says
Asked by the Tribune for some thoughts on the US Senate, Kirk took the opportunity to blow his own horn:
"It provides that the senator who is mainstream and can work with Republicans and Democrats, who is well-grounded in facts, figures and preparation with the administration, can move the whole Senate toward what is in your state's interest," he said.
Kirk may fancy himself as a modern-day boy-wonder Robin to Senator Dick Durbin's Batman:
"So it's been awhile since we've had a full dynamic duo, Republican and Democrat, senior working national and junior working local."
Is there any wonder the Tribune holds feelings such as these for Illinois's self-proclaimed junior Senator? If they still made those laminating machines, that brooding Kirk photo would now be in the LakeCountyEye wallet. Pensive, but steely-serious -- backlit and against a brick backdrop shot at a noirish angle -- Kirk is hands-down the James Dean of the US Senate. Your LakeCountyEye only wishes there were more photos like this to be had. Many more.

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Team America said...

=== Is it sweetest day or something? ===

Ah, BB, jealousy is such an ugly emotion. ;-)

Barney Baxter said...

Yeppers, scooped again by the Trib.