Sunday, June 5, 2011

Privatized Residence

The Lake County Board is looking for a kick to the privates. As in privatization. No doubt envious of the success of Chicago's Parking Meter Fiasco Deal, the Lake County Board is banking on the quick buck that can be turned by privatizing county assets. Informed sources inform your LakeCountyEye that no reasonable offer will be refused, everything must go -- including the county-run nursing home, Winchester House. According to the News-Sun ...
Two Lake County Board committees have recommended seeking bids from private companies to run the county's Winchester House nursing home, and the matter will now go to the full board for consideration. The Lake County Board's Financial and Administrative Committee voted 4-1 Wednesday to recommend soliciting bids from private firms who specialize in the operation of skilled-nursing facilities for the possible management of the Libertyville-based nursing home.
Privatization of Winchester House moves closer
When a unit of government decides to have a fire-sale, first-in-line for a piece-of-the-action are aways the boodlers, the well connected, the big money players. This unit-of-government fire-sale is no exception, and your LakeCountyEye has already learned of ten corporate interests interested in turning around Winchester House into a cash-cow money making operation:

Ten Private Sector Interests
Submitting Bids for Winchester House
  1. Hollywood Casino
  2. CVS
    Now with 24 Hour Drive Thru
  3. Grave Concern Funeral Homes
  4. Old-Haunts Halloween Haunted Houses
  5. Denny's
    Ask for the senior discount!
  6. Wurlitzer's Organ Exchange
  7. Doc-in-a-Box Instant Health Service
  8. US Olympic Septuagenarian Village
  9. Ambulance Chasers, LLC
  10. Starbucks

Look for your LakeCountyEye driving around your town, with a turn signal on.

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