Monday, June 13, 2011

Nickle & Dime Bets

Is Lake County imploding? It would seem so. First there was news that the County Board is being reduced from 23 to 21 reps. Then there was news that bids are being sought in an effort to privatize the County Courts Winchester House. And the final last straw, Lake County's first, full-blown casino is now in danger of being downsized. As readers of this blog are decreasingly aware ...
Double Downsize
Illinois Gov Pat Quinn thinks the gaming legislation on his desk is much too big, and wants to see the casino bill shrunk down before he signs it.

In an effort to appease the Governor, plans to build a industrial gaming campus in Waukegan -- or Park Place -- or somewhere else up there where nobody ever goes -- are already being scrapped. Instead a downsized casino has been proposed, location FPD TBD. The new, lilliputian casino, in a nutshell, will be a scaled-back version of a real casino, except with everything much smaller.

Gamers are going to have to wait until if & when the proposed itteh bitteh Lake County casino sails past the Governor's desk. In the meantime, your LakeCountyEye suggests getting familiar with all the new downsized casino games that will be mandated by a revised gaming bill:

Ten Most Popular Games to Play at the
Downsized Lake County Casino
  1. 1 Card Stud
  2. Stingy Bingo
  3. Rabbit-Ear Video Poker
  4. Rhode Island Hold'Em
  5. Charcoal-Gray Jack
  6. Three Card Runty
  7. Scottish Roulette
  8. Mini Craps
  9. Whack-a-Nit
  10. Penny-pinching Slots

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Anonymous said...

We all know that we need to encourage tourism in our beautiful trailer parks. I appreciate Barney Baxter for providing endless minutes of entertainment.