Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Green Hornet's Nest

Politically speaking, it's been a slow no news week, not only in Lake County but throughout the State. Luckily the Summer Movie Season is in full swing, which means your LakeCountyEye can be found illegally downloading waiting in long lines to shell out twelve bucks for Hollywood's latest blockbuster. It's no secret your LakeCountyEye can't get enough of those IMAX 3D Superhero Films. Nothing beats an afternoon jam-packed with deep-fried popcorn, CGI graphics and fightin-fists-o-fury. So when the latest two-thumbs-up, five-star, NC-17 action-comedy adventure-thriller hit the theaters ...
The Green Hornet's Nest
your LakeCountyEye was pumped and ready.

This one in particular garnered some rave blurbs:
By day a simple county sheriff and said sheriff's faithful undersheriff. After dark the two become masked avengers. The Green Hornet and faithful sidekick Kato take a bite out of crime the vigilante way.

The Green Hornet's Nest is true-to-life action ripped from today's headlines. Watch as the Green Hornet matches wits with the most villainous super-villain ever, the super-evil Dr Coroner.
The Daily Herald leaked a taste of one suspense-packed scene:
Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran said Thursday he "essentially walked into a hornet's nest" this week when he was named interim coroner.
Lake sheriff says coroner's office is a 'hornet's nest of bad management'
Unable to resist fast forwarding to the good parts -- Spoiler alert! -- your LakeCountyEye will reveal how the Green Hornet plans to escape from super-villain Dr Coroner's hornet's nest of bad management. According to one News-Sun reviewer:
In a statement, Curran said he expects to disclose a full report on the audit findings before the next coroner takes office.
Sheriff to undertake audit of coroner's office
Well that was back in February. And the next coroner took office in late March. It's nearly July and your LakeCountyEye is still waiting for The Green Hornet's Nest to deliver on that full audit findings report. Will the Green Hornet ever escape the hornet's nest of bad management? Frankly, Scarlet, your LakeCountyEye doesn't give a damn.

While The Green Hornet's Nest seemed poised to sting up some big bucks at the boxoffice, your LakeCountyEye has to report this disappointing movie is all hat and no cattle, sound and fury signifying nothing, two bricks shy of a load.

Two thumbs down for The Green Hornet's Nest


Anonymous said...

There was a report prepared and filed? And given to Yancy? Who claimed he will act on it?


Is this what you are snarking about?

Louis G. Atsaves

Barney Baxter said...

hi Louis,

Thanks for the tip. We are currently reviewing the review.


Anonymous said...

Oh Louis, just go back to TA and supervise your "Bolshevik" hunters.