Friday, April 2, 2010

Mark Kirk Jumps Shark

If there was a reason why Mark Kirk told reporters this week that he was rescued from Lake Michigan in 1975 by the Coast Guard ...
Brush with death helps Kirk explain opposition to Coast Guard cuts
... it may be because this week the 10th District Congressman jumped the shark.

Kirk, who is now running for US Senate, has been attracting attention from the national media, and your LakeCountyEye had been keeping score. In FMF increments -- Fifteen Minutes of Fame ...
But as it was said on What's My Line, it's time to turn over the cards. Kirk's string of campaign flip-flops have not only gotten him MSM exposure, but Kirk is now even being regarded on the Cable News shows as the emblematic Republican candidate ...

Mark Kirk - Flip Flopping on Repeal
With his elevation in status to a November election posterboy, Kirk has indeed jumped the shark to a whole new level -- one that is beyond measuring his fame in 15 minute increments. This is a volatile position for any candidate to be in, and bears watching. Your LakeCountyEye hazards to guess that one or two additional campaign flip-flops, and Mark Kirk will have jumped not only the shark but the dolphin as well.


Crazy4glf said...
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Crazy4glf said...

FOR borrowing to have a pre-emptive war and a tax cut (via good old reconciliation), but NOW a fiscal conservative against spending (which apparently doesn't mean he can't direct how said spending is used ...PACE??)

A military expert but only knows how to twitter and 'serves' for a month at a time, when not doing PR for the WMD theory and Bush war budgeting 101, 102, and 103(definitely not honors classes ):

Also, obeyed the previous President (because, at the time, if you disagreed with said President you were unAmerican and lacked class) who listened to the generals on the ground (before changing them when they disagreed) only to debate the generals during (Kirk's) brief service under the current Administration - his Commander-in-Chief by the war.

FOR repeal of the healthcare reform bill, but maybe NOT.

Apparently not aware that tort reform was deemed unconstitutional in his own State.

Read the energy legislation cover to cover, but blamed his constituents for how he voted. Maybe he isn't the legislative expert he wants us to believe he is? (He doesn't have a lot of legislation to his credit.)

Of course he did this when not in his District, the genuine, honest, and forth-right person he is.

Against healthcare reform and entitlements but won't recuse himself from his own public option.
(Of course he has access to two government plans but doesn't believe in either?)

A patriotic statesman that tells China not to trust his country's Administration.

Of course, when he should have told others not to trust the (last) Administration, he not only had blind faith in them, but he carried water for THAT Administration, selling the WMD theory. A lot of the people who believe the WMD theory are trying to influence what is taught in school. If the WMD theory is sufficient to put troops at risk, I think evolution can be taught to students.

A thoughtful independent who has courted Sara Palin for whom thoughtful or intelligent over-state Ms. Palin by far.
'What do you read?: Whatever they put in front of me?'
'Who's your favorite founding father?: All of them.'
How long do Alaska Governors serve? Until Fox or Discovery makes an offer. (Part of that liberally biased media??)

If governance is so wrong, why spend so much to govern and have entitlements aplenty?