Monday, April 5, 2010

Frontier Justice

Your LakeCountyEye makes it a point not to stray too far west of US 12, rather than tempt fate and end up in McHenry County. And whenever on McHenry County soil, your LakeCountyEye makes it a point to maintain as much distance as possible from Grafton Township.

Your LakeCountyEye will not attempt to fill-in the back story on the shenanigans transpiring in Grafton Township. This is McHenry county politics and best left to the experts, like those at the McHenryCountyEye. Suffice it to say, the latest in a series of Grafton antics was recently chronicled in the NorthWest Herald ...
Judge orders restoration of Grafton Township offices
And underscored with a political cartoon, lampooning the Township:

NorthWest Herald
Now, the political badmouthing, backbiting, doubledealing, underhandedness & skullduggery is not what has your LakeCountyEye shying away from Grafton Township. (These are all your LakeCountyEye's stock-in-trade.) But if you look at the paddle in the cartoon, the cobwebs are probably an indication the NorthWest Herald waxes nostalgic for something that was outlawed in Illinois schools back in 1994. Your LakeCountyEye isn't saying the NorthWest Herald favors the reintroduction of corporal punishment. Only that folks seem to be, over in McHenry County, well, trigger-happy. Is it an epidemic of sexual assaults, carjackings and other crimes, that has made McHenry County the Wild Wild West?
McHenry County Sheriff Keith Nygren said other states had seen a reduction in crime after passing "concealed carry" laws. If passed, the law would allow educated gun owners to protect themselves or their loved ones in the face of a potential sexual assault, carjacking or other crime likely to happen before police could respond, Nygren said. "Law-abiding people are not the problem," Nygren said. "And this law puts law-abiding people in a position where they are able to protect themselves until law enforcement gets there."
'Concealed carry' law unlikely
So, a note to LakeCountyEye Operatives: If you do find yourself in McHenry County (for whatever reason), do not panic. Just remember the advice of Woodstock native and McHenry County favorite-son Dick Tracy:
Driving in strange territory?
Avoid back streets and lock your doors.

Dick Tracy
You have to protect yourself until Dick Tracy gets there.

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