Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lip Service

Your LakeCountyEye's All-Purpose Political Demonizer™ Web Widget, published here ...
Q the Eye/04.21.10
has been a bandwith-eating sensation throughout the blogosphere. What else explains howcome Blogspot has been slower than a hand-cranked 56K modem the past few days? The Widget enables DIY operatives to create their own political attack literature -- the Demonizer generates Hitlerized images of your political enemies in the blink of an eye.

The All-Purpose Political Demonizer™ has been so popular that your LakeCountyEye is presenting again the Widget below. Just paste in the image URL of the individual you wish to demonize. Adjust the numbers. And before you know it your victim will be sporting a Hitler mustache suitable for contempt. A brand new example has been preloaded to get you started. Encore!

As a bonus, your LakeCountyEye has routed to a secure datastore the http-referrers generated by the Web Widget. Traffic analyses indicate the Ops are demonizing a wide & diverse variety of targets. Your LakeCountyEye has gathered the 10 most popular, and presents them here, along with URLs and coordinates.

10 Most Popular LakeCountyEye Web Widget
All-Purpose Political Demonizer™ Downloads
Mona Lisa
Martin Van Buren
Smiley Face
Charlie Chaplin
Princess Nudelman
The Picasso Statue
Martian Face
Rod Blagojevich

LakeCountyEye Web Widget
All-Purpose Political Demonizer™

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