Thursday, April 29, 2010

FOIA Fevah

Island Lake Trustee Laurie Rabattini is giving Buffalo Grove Trustee Lisa Stone a run for her money. Rabattini is positioned to eclipse Stone as the new Lisa Stone of Lake County government. Stone admittedly is a tough act to follow, but Rabattini seems equal to the task. Rabattini picked up some earned media (courtesy the Daily Herald) by using the N-word on her blog -- where she compared her political foes with the Nazis.
Island Lake trustee in blog likens mayor to Hitler
And more recently, Rabattini with other village Trustees have brought Island Lake to a bureaucratic standstill by flooding their village government with FOIA requests. The Daily Herald got the scoop on Rabattini's, et al., FOIA frenzy ...
Island Lake FOIA requests covered a variety of topics
by issuing its own FOIA request. One little known provision of the Illinois FOIA Law is that it is recursive. A FOIA can be filed to find out what sort of information has been requested by prior FOIAs. In other words, a sharp-eyed operative can FOIA a FOIAer. Cut to the paper chase, your LakeCountyEye has filed the necessary paperwork for the 10 most recent FOIA requests issued by Island Lake's Trustees. They are enumerated herewith for your perusal:

10 Latest Island Lake Trustee FOIA Requests
AgencyFOIA Request
1US Embassy: Nairobi, KenyaBarack Obama Birth Certificate
2Illinois Gaming BoardVideo Poker Cheat Codes
3FDICBroadway Bank Drive-Thru Teller Hours
4JoAnn Osmond Legislative OfficeRSVP to Linda Pedersen:
The Check is in the Mail
5Federal Witness Protection ProgramIdentity of Lauren Turelli
6Lake County Republican FederationIdentity of Tim Pawlenty
7Lake County Sheriff's DepartmentToday's Divine Revelation
8Arizona State PoliceShow Me Your Papers
9US Treasury DepartmentI Want to Buy Gold -- Contact Me ASAP!
10Village of Island LakeFor a Clue

Your LakeCountyEye hopes someday to send a FOIA request to OSHA on how to file, after a diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome, a carpal tunnel claim.

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Anonymous said...

There is no reason a trustee should have to FOIA anything, they should have all the information they need. If they are given an answer and don't like the answer, FOIA will not change that, it just wastes taxpayer resources. All these trustees using FOIA need to wake up-you are acting like spoiled children.