Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sent Up by Dick Tracy

It had been your LakeCountyEye's impression that syndicated crime-detective, Dick Tracy, long ago retired along with Tess Trueheart to some gated golf community in Mesa AZ. So it came as a surprise to discover Dick Tracy still at it, cuffing ne'er-do-wells in the funny pages. Well to be exact, your LakeCountyEye was able to verify Tracy's presence in the Chicago Tribune. Whether of not the comic strip is to be seen in any other daily remains an open question. More remarkable, the author of the comic strip -- Chester Gould -- has been deceased since 1985. Contrary to expectations, this event did not adversely effect his prolific output, although your LakeCountyEye has been told the quality of Dick Tracy has steadily fallen during Gould's post-mortem tenure on the comic strip.

Coincidentally it was also your LakeCountyEye's impression that Joe Walsh -- the Tea Party Republican candidate for the Eighth Congressional District -- had also retired to Mesa. So it was an even greater surprise to discover Walsh appearing today not only in the Tribune but in Dick Tracy!?
Joe Walsh, as seen ...
... in Dick Tracy... in 3D
It is no exaggeration to say your LakeCountyEye did a double-take over the morning double-espresso.

A sucker for a good mystery, your LakeCountyEye made it the day's assignment to engage in some gumshoeing. Pursuing a hunch, Walsh's Dick Tracy walk-on turned out to be no accident. LakeCountyEye Ops of a certain age may recall the 1960s TV series -- Batman -- the same show that featured Cesar Romero cast as the Joker. Back in the day, a cameo spot as Batman villain was a coveted role. Long story short, Joe Walsh will be appearing in Dick Tracy as super-villain The Mad Hatter.

Your LakeCountyEye is not going to attempt to fill in the back-story. Suffice it to say The Mad Hatter goes around fleecing banks by defaulting on loans, or some junk like that. But your LakeCountyEye has to admire Team-Walsh and the earned media obtained for their candidate. It is just this type of creative campaigning that wins elections -- even over and against the long odds!

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