Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lake County Eye Spots

The fallout from Mark Kirk's decision to run for US Senate has yet to settle. The 10th Congressional District is now a wide open seat. The latest developments ...

• Dan Seals will try again. Is the third time the charm?

• Susan Garrett will not run for the seat. Discretion is the better part of valor?

• Julie Hamos will run for the seat. You heard it here first.

• Jim Kirsch will run for the seat. You heard it here first.

• Internet Powerhouse™ Andy Martin is on the warpath. Oh snap!
Mark Kirk is the 2009 equivalent of that great political fraud (and also a Republican) [Senator]“Tail Gunner Joe” McCarthy.
• The Team America Blog now has a new mission. Will they get a new name?
The bloggers at Blue Lake Special have some funny suggestions:

Top Ten Rejected New Names for the TeamAmerica Blog
(10) Team America First through the Nineteenth
(9) TA: it now stands for Team Alaska
(8) Ellen's Illinois Tenth Congressional District Blog
(7) Falbe's Fables
(6) Now Even Less Bloody Likely I Get to Call Myself the X-Men
(5) Not Mark Kirk's Crudely Disguised Plugola Blog
(4) Team Just-Where-the-Hell-is-Decatur-Anyways-?
(3) Put a Kirk in It!
(1) Blog Cabin Republicans
• Charlie Cook moved his rating for IL-10 from Lean R to Toss Up
Cook Political Report

• Immediately following the Monday announcement Mark Kirk was on right-wing radio, working the base. Nobody's fool is he.


Nicki said...

Who is Jim Kirsch? The only one I know of is a Highland Park city councilman. Is it the same guy?

redtail said...

Nicki, the same Jim Kirsch -- Highland Park city councilman.