Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sheriff + Aperitif = ?

Lake County's comical Sheriff, Mark Curran, was spotted this week at the Lake County Fair. The conversation, as reported by the News-Sun:
Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran said he hoped everyone enjoyed the "romance of the fair." "I think it's great we're in this location, and it's great there's alcohol," Curran said, cautioning attendees to drink in moderation. He added that he was not concerned about alcohol being served on site. "Every other community fair has it. Every tavern has alcohol. Why should the fair be any different?" Curran said.
The News-Sun neglected to inquire if the County Sheriff's booth was offering free breathalyzer tests.

This concludes day 3 of your LakeCountyEye's week-long non-stop coverage of the Lake County Fair.


Anonymous said...

Does the sheriff want more funds from tickets or is he just not one to think about what he says?

Remember, he HAD to leave the Dem's because of Operation Greylord AFTER running as a Dem AFTER Operation Greylord. Confused yet?

Maybe we need to attend the academy to understand the Sheriff who ran against a GOP sheriff who held office under a cloud.

Barney Baxter said...

LOL, you have to go deep down the memory hole to come up with something like Greylord. I don't think the Sheriff is fooling anyone why he switched parties. Word on the street is Michael Waller will retire/resign before the 2012 election. And Mark Curran then gets to be State's Attorney.