Friday, July 24, 2009

Drag Race?

The Lake County Journal has a new political cartoon about Mark Kirk's Senate announcement. Kirk looks happy. But Dan Seals looks even happier. Your LakeCountyEye wonders why? LOL

Your LakeCountyEye has methodically studied the cartoon for nuance. (Your LakeCountyEye has no life.) Take a close look, all the elephant-men are wearing suits. But what's Dan Seals in -- a pantsuit? And on the left Mark Kirk is definitely wearing a dress.

What's up with that?


redtail said...

It really looks like culottes. You know, those skirts women wear that are really shorts? Eventually, maybe Kirk will prove himself to be a "sans culottes," (look it up) and be caught with his pants down.

Groucho said...

Well, obviously, Kirk and Seals are wearing suits and ties. Just because their legs are skinnier than the elephant men (also in suits) doesn't mean Kirk and the perpetual candidate Seals are wearing dresses. Sheesh! Art critics!