Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Fightin' Irish

green politicsMaybe it's the only the recent hot, summerlike weather -- but the Irish Republicans of central Lake County got their erm Irish up. Again.

Haha, as readers of this blog are aggressively aware ...
Q the Eye/04.20.13
State Representative Ed Sullivan Jr broke ranks with his Party and announced that he will support gay marriage legislation. The news did not amuse his conservative brethren, who picketed Sullivan's office and threatened to run someone against him in the next Primary. Sullivan, the beneficiary of a Phil-Cranelike political sinecure in the 51st District, told the Daily Herald ...
"They certainly have every right to protest what they believe."
'Traditional marriage' supporters protest at Sullivan's office
Among those picketing Sullivan's office was Lake County Sheriff, Mark Curran. Curran was unamused enough to put it all in writing and send it to Sullivan, in a letter:
Religious liberty will be eroded if same sex marriage becomes law, Curran said. "We have seen the false promises that liberty will be protected in other recent pieces of legislation, but we know this is a lie."
Lake County sheriff joins opposition to gay marriage bill
Late last year Curran announced that he would run for Illinois Attorney General in 2014. But that was before it became a virtual certainty that Lisa Madigan would be running for Governor, and the office of Attorney General would be an open ballot position in 2014. Curran's support then quickly collapsed, along with his bid for Attorney General.

Although he is expected to seek another term as Lake County Sheriff, it is widely believed (among the misinformed sources) that Curran yearns to pursue his political career in Springfield, not in Waukegan. Is it a coincidence that Curran is among those leading the Conservative charge against Sullivan's apostasy? Your LakeCountyEye thinks not.  Operatives should not be surprised if Sullivan has a Primary opponent in 2014, and his name is Mark Curran.

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