Friday, May 17, 2013

An All Poynton Bulletin

As even readers of this blog must know by now, Lake County held an election last month. What they might not know is that Lake Zurich has a new Village President: Tom Poynton.

Poynton won, your LakeCountyEye has been told, with the help of a catchy campaign slogan:

Get Lake Zurich "POYNTON" in the Right Direction
Elect TOM POYNTON Lake Zurich Village President (Mayor)
Poynton's campaign website posts his contact information, including his e-mail address:
So when an operative received an urgent message from Poynton's e-mail address, they were naturally concerned:
From: Tom Poynton []
Sent: 05/11/2013 9:12 AM
To: undisclosed recipients:; undisclosed recipients:
Subject: Horrible Ordeal............Thomas M. Poynton


It has being a horrible experience for me here in Manila Philippines,during my vacation i was attacked by some thugs around the hotel vicinity were i lodged who beat me up and collected all my money,credit card including my cell phone and other important documents i took along.But to the glory of God i still have my passport and my life spared. i have been to the police and embassy but they are not helping issues i was ask to come back in the next 3days time,right now i am in a local library mailing you for financial assistant.
     My flight leaves in 2hours from now and i am having a problem settling my hotel bills,please i need you to help me with (1,700.00 Dollars) to foot my bills and board a plane back to the state because right now i am stranded and you are my only hope to get out of this mess.When i get back to the state i will refund you every dime that you've spent if possible with interest...Write me back so i can tell you how to get the money to my present location.

Tom Poynton
Now who can say they've never been attacked and beaten by thugs while vacationing in Manila -- and rendered so indisposed as to be incapable of communicating except in a pidgin English, delivered for comical effect? Certainly not your LakeCountyEye.

Note to ops: Before hitting the reply button, check the return e-mail address. It probably will not say ...
You're better advised to wire the 1,700.00 Dollars to Poynton's campaign PAC instead: Committee to Elect Tom Poynton LZ

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