Sunday, May 12, 2013

D'Oh! Kelly

that goes double for youMirabile dictu, Lake County just held an election a couple days (or weeks or months) ago, and your LakeCountyEye has the news. Fremont Township got a new Supervisor and her name is County Board Commissioner Diana O'Kelly.

It is a well known fact that County Board Commissioner Diana O'Kelly is a Lake County Board Commissioner. Less known is the fact that O'Kelly was elected to the position of Fremont Township Supervisor promising to quit her County job if she won. O'Kelly told the Daily Herald ...
she will resign her county posts if she wins the township race. "I will not double dip," she said.
Diana O'Kelly, Glenn Garamoni to seek Fremont Township's top post
The Daily Herald, as a matter of policy, does not endorse any candidate that double dips. It's probably no coincidence that your LakeCountyEye advises candidates to always say what needs to be said and do what needs to be done and worry about the consequences after they get elected.

At the time O'Kelly may not have known that the Daily Herald would decide not to endorse candidates in any 2013 township election. And neither O'Kelly nor her opponent would see the benefit of a Herald endorsement, regardless of what was promised.  Haha, you been punk'd.

It is a well known fact that the typical Lake County voter has the long-term memory of a goldfish. So it is probably no coincidence that after her unsurprise win, O'Kelly borrowed some footwear out of Sheriff Mark Curran's closet and flipflopped. The Daily Herald is now reporting that ...
Veteran Lake County Board member Diana O'Kelly on Wednesday said she won't resign that post once she's sworn in as Fremont Township's supervisor in May.
O'Kelly won't quit county post despite township win
Haha, who been punk'd?

O'Kelly will not be the only Republican Fremont Township official who double dips at a second elected post. State Representative Ed Sullivan Jr is also the Fremont Township Assessor. As readers of this blog are recently aware ...
The Fightin' Irish
Sullivan's political enemies are seeking a Republican candidate to challenge him in the 2014 Primary. It is unknown whether or not O'Kelly is interested. If she were, O'Kelly would be on track to become a triple-dipper, a Lake County record. Your LakeCountyEye advises anyone in that position to tell the Daily Herald that they plan to resign their two other posts.


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I snort laughed on my keyboard when I read "triple dipper".

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