Friday, May 3, 2013

Extended Soliloquys

Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth. Besides being Cinco de Mayo, this week also marks the 5 month anniversary of Aaron Lawlor's hostile takeover of the Lake County Board.  No fewer than 150 days have passed since Lawlor consigned some lifeless seatwarmer (whose name your LakeCountyEye cannot recall) to the ashheap of history, usurping the position of County Board Chair.

Lawlor is widely recognized as the guy who's been everywhere talking up Route 53.  In fact, it is common knowlwdge that every sentence spoken by Aaron Lawlor contains three things: a noun, a verb and the Route 53 Extension.

For those who are skeptical, witness the Daily Herald, who took up the Lawlor Challenge. The challenge is to get Aaron Lawlor to talk about something other than the Route 53 Extension. One Herald reporter had an opportunity to buttonhole him, following a meeting Lawlor had with Senator Mark Kirk and other leaders to discuss the recent floods.

How did the Herald do? See for yourself ...
In addition to the flooding, Kirk and the group discussed suburban transportation needs, especially the long-proposed Route 53 extension into Lake County. That project seems to have new life after years of virtual inactivity. Flooding and highways might not seem to be natural fits, but Lawlor made the connection. "In flood events, people notice how they are limited moving through the county," he said.
Sen. Kirk talks flooding, transportation in Lake County visit
Well played, Mr Lawlor! The puny Daily Herald is no match for your superior stay-on-message discipline and prodigious ability to pivot any conversation back to the Route 53 Extension.

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