Sunday, May 19, 2013

Double Entendres

Actual sign seen on the Rte 53 Extension.The summers in Lake County are so hot you could light a medicinal marijuana cigarette right off the sidewalk. So when Lake County operatives crave ice cream -- and lots of it -- your LakeCountyEye directs them to Fremont Township. Because that's where all the double dippers are.

Haha, your LakeCountyEye loves that joke.  Fremont Township boasts no fewer than two double dipping elected officials:
  • Diana O'Kelly
    Fremont Township Supervisor
    County Board Commissioner
  • Ed Sullivan Jr
    Fremont Township Assessor
    State Representative
But as much as your LakeCountyEye loves that joke, this may be the last time you'll get to hear it. Your LakeCountyEye recently received a cease-and-desist letter from the Ice Cream Advisory Board. Who knew? -- but the term double dipping along with other terms like sherbert, sorbet, gelato, softserve, hardpack and brainfreeze are protected property of the ice cream industry. And the Ice Cream Advisory Board would be so very pleased if your LakeCountyEye could cease and desist from using the term double-dip without proper attribution.

Now your LakeCountyEye doesn't know who invented it, nor particularly cares for the term double-dip -- and would be happy to have a better substitute. The correct term of the art is dual mandate -- the practice in which elected officials serve in more than one elected or other public position simultaneously -- but that's a term only a policy wonk could love.

So, your LakeCountyEye has delved into the reference literature and found ten other sobriquets in common use that describe politicians elected to two positions. Here are ten of them:
Ten Better Names to Call Political Double Dippers
  1. Double Dealers
  2. Second Stringers
  3. Double Crossers
  4. One-Two Punchers
  5. Double Talkers
  6. Two Timers
  7. Double Trouble
  8. Twin Pickens
  9. Double Whammies
  10. Send-in-the-Clones
Look for your LakeCountyEye double parked near you.


Cal Skinner said...

I thought Pat Quinn copyrighted the term "double dipper" when he was still an outsider.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Cal,

I thought Jim Oberweis owned the trademark on double dip.