Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oh Hai to the Lake County Adopt-Oh-Highway

It doesn't matter what anyone says as long as they spell the name right.Lake County has the cleanest highways in Illinois. In fact, Lake County highways are so clean you could eat right off of them. Your LakeCountyEye knows this from first-hand experience. That clean-up crew you observed policing the highway near your home was not a forced-labor chain-gang from the County lockup. No, in all likelihood they were Adopt-A-Highway volunteers.

The, erm, driving force behind Lake County's spic'n'span roads  -- Adopt-A-Highway -- just entered its twentieth year.  According to the Daily Herald ...
The program was launched in early 1993 with an initial enrollment of 37 groups and has grown to 232 groups. Last year, Adopt-A-Highway volunteers saved the county $305,000 in labor costs and removed about 225,000 pounds of trash from county highways.
Adopt-A-Highway marks 20 years
If you haven't already, operatives are encouraged to participate in the program. Adopt-A-Highway is an excellent, erm, avenue to some earned media for your organization. If you don't believe your LakeCountyEye, take a drive and count up all the roadside Adopt-A-Highway signs that your see. Your LakeCountyEye counted 10, just on the Route 53 Extension:
Ten Adopt-A-Highway Signs Seen on the Route 53 Extension
  1. Lake County Roadside Medical Marijuana Growers Association

  2. Citizens Task Force to Stop the Route 53 Extension

  3. Lake County Mysophobia Society

  4. Smile!
    The Google Street View Team

  5. Smile!
    Redflex Traffic Systems

  6. Forced Labor Chain-Gangs of Lake County

  7. Next Exit: Girls Gone Wild on Blarney Island
    Now on DVD!

  8. The Lake County Republican Party Reminds You to ReElect Bob Dold

    Haha punkt by your friends at Canadian National

  10. While these roads may look
    Cleaner than whistles,
    Your chin remains all
    Covered in bristles.
Look for your LakeCountyEye, shovelling it.

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