Saturday, April 6, 2013

Small Fortunes

It's all about the Jeffersons.How much is the down payment on a Del Webb condo? At long last, your LakeCountyEye can finally afford to retire -- because the County has a surplus in its treasury and may give it back to Lake County taxpayers. According to the Daily Herald:
Taxpayers could see slight relief as the Lake County Forest Preserve District decides how to spend a $1.6 million surplus. A recommendation Thursday by the forest board's finance and administrative committee would use $1.1 million of the surplus to pay down debt in equal installments during the next two years. The remaining $535,000 that had been generated in interest would be used for projects, such as solar gates and other measures designed to reduce operating costs.
Lake County forest preserve committee recommends how to use surplus
The County has to decide whether to give the money back to taxpayers or to spend it on a bunch of stupid stuff. Now, according to your LakeCountyEye's precise calculations, $1.6 million divided by 800,000 residents yields about $2 for every person in Lake County. Which includes your LakeCountyEye. $2 is not an insignificant amount, particularly in Depression ravaged Lake County. Your LakeCountyEye would like the refund please. That $2 will go a long way -- your LakeCountyEye can think of ten ways, right off the bat.
Ten Ways to Burn Through $2 in Lake County
  1. 200 pulls on a Waukegan Casino slot machine
  2. A shotglass of Lake County Fair beer
  3. Access to or exit from the Route 53 Extension
  4. $1.82 from the Coinstar machine
  5. Free parking in any Lake County TIF district
  6. That and $5 will get you a Starbucks
  7. Podcast Joe Walsh
    Now weekdays from 7-9pm
    Only on WIND -- AM 560
  8. An extra clip of .30-caliber ammunition
  9. One McNugget at any Mundelein free-range chicken ranch
  10. A Lake County two-dollar haircut
Look for your LakeCountyEye in the money.

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