Monday, April 8, 2013

First Alert!

If there was any doubt that there is an election in the State of Illinois -- to be held tomorrow, this Tuesday, April 9 -- then behold a sample campaign mailer forwarded by an operative:
Your LakeCountyEye suspects that offices for Ela Township, Lake County, will be on Tuesday's ballot -- but that is not exactly clear, based on the contents of the mailer.

The mailer does issue a stern but comically worded admonition:

The following community leaders urge you to look past the lies
and attacks of their opponents and vote for Ela First

Anyone who took the time to read the mailer no doubt would be left with more questions than answers.

The names of the community leaders who are the targets of the (unspecified) attacks are listed on the mailer:
But very little else is made clear ...
  • Who are their opponents?
  • Why are their opponents on the attack?
  • What lies?
If you happen to be one of these community leaders ...
  • U.S. Congesssman Peter Roskam
  • State Senator Dan Duffy
  • State Senator Matt Murphy
  • State Representative Ed Sullivan, Jr.
  • Lake County Treasurer Robert Skidmore
  • Lake County Board Member Craig Taylor
  • Lake County Board Member Nick Sauer
  • Deer Park Village President Bob Kellerman
... do you know that you may have opponents who are determined to attack and lie to you? For that matter, why are they so mean? Do not hesitate to contact your LakeCountyEye immediately. Your LakeCountyEye is here to help.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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