Monday, April 22, 2013

Sinking in the Rain

oh noes!Just when it was looking like the Lake County housing market was on the rebound, suddenly everyone's home is under water again. Haha, literally.

Lake County got its annual 100 year flood last week, and ever since has been making like investment bankers and mopping up.  Your LakeCountyEye blogs from the basement of a divorced parent and is not immune -- especially after the sump pump of the aforementioned divorced parent short circuited.  Operatives are asked not to worry, it will take more than two feet of water (and rising) to sink your LakeCountyEye.  Hooray for wireless electronics!

Wishing not to be caught with its pants down, the County declared a flood emergency. According to the Patch ...
Lake County Board Chairman Aaron Lawlor announced that he declared the state of emergency around 9 a.m. in an effort to not only further facilitate coordination among agencies to deal with the flooding but to also attempt to get flood assistance funds from the federal government should they become available.
State of Emergency Declared in Lake County
Although he tries to pass as a small government Republican, it is still reassuring to see Aaron Lawlor with hand outstretched to the federal trough. Whether or not this will suffice to throw some cold water on a still fluid situation remains to be seen.

Until then your LakeCountyEye is committed to thinking only happy thoughts. As a matter of fact, your LakeCountyEye counts ten silver linings behind this particular cloud:
Ten Hidden Benefits to the 2013 Lake County Flood
  1. The Waukegan riverboat casino can now dock anywhere in Lake County.

  2. Torrential rains prove global warming is a media generated myth.

  3. Port Barrington is now an actual port.

  4. Princess Nudelman doesn't need to call a cab to get to the voting booth any more.

  5. The Stupid Route 53 Extension will be rebranded as the Sensible Route 53 Aqueduct.

  6. No Wake at Wooster Lake? No problem. No more Wooster Lake.

  7. Koi ponds will all be stocked with attractive asian carp.

  8. Look for a bumper crop of hydroponically grown medical marijuana.

  9. Free gondola rides at Venetian Village.

  10. Lots more live camera opportunities coming down the pipe for Aaron Lawlor.
Look for your LakeCountyEye at a watering hole near you.

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