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Q the Eye/04.20.13

Dear LakeCountyEye,

I've represented Lake County most of my adult life and you'd think that after a while we shouldn't be obligated to run for re-election every time there is an election. Be that as it may, it looks like I'm getting my wish anyways whether anyone likes it or not. After the maps were redrawn last year, now 90% of the people in my district always vote for my party.  I'm representative for life now and nobody in Lake County can do anything about it. Woohoo!

Not Joe Walsh
Dear Well Duh,

Ὥρος HōrosA quick note to correspondents: all questions sent to your LakeCountyEye must be phrased in the form of a question.

But to answer your quasi-question, absolutely, it sux not to be you.  Kick back, relax, don't rock the boat, and ease yourself into that nice, fat government pension in ten or twenty years.

Or not.

Don't make the mistake of one Lake County legislator who found himself in circumstances strikingly similar to yours -- he was redistricted into a Teaparty vote-sink where any Republican, with at least a valid-looking green-card, would be re-elected in perpetuum.  But did he take your LakeCountyEye's advice?  No, this intemperate legislator decided to come out in favor of same-sex marriage -- and wasn't shy about blowing his own horn over the decision in an e-mail he sent to his constituents:
Shotgun Weddings?
It's probably no coincidence that on the very next day some 100 of his Teaparty constituents showed up at his office to protest. According to the Daily Herald, they were none too happy that this legislator takes their support for granted:
"There was some discussion among people in the group today that maybe we need a primary challenge for him next year."
'Traditional marriage' supporters protest at Sullivan's office
Note to operatives: if anyone can be counted on to vote in a primary election that would be someone who shows up at your legislative office waving a protest sign.

Nothing is guaranteed to strike the fear of Jesus, so to speak, into the heart of the even most jaded elected official more than a primary challenge.  Especially if you are a Republican and the challenge is coming from your right.  Your LakeCountyEye would not be surprised to see this particular legislator demanding, loudly and publicly, school vouchers and an end to abortion and unrestricted access to concealed carry. And sometime soon.

Don't let this happen to you!

If you are an elected official, or a previously elected official, or just a private citizen under indictment, send your political questions to Q the Eye c/o ...

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