Friday, June 1, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Quorum ...

Everybody was kungfu fightingAn old fashioned fracas is a-shakin' over in Crystal Lake. As readers of this blog are crystal clear ...
Franklin, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn
TeaParty candidate Tonya Franklin wants the McHenry County GOP to caucus her onto the ballot for Rep District 63. Franklin has the backing of some tightly wound political muscle, including Sharon Meroni & Cal Skinner, who got her vetted by their GOP leadership.

Meroni is a big birther of local note & and notorious for filing nuisance ballot objections against candidates she doesn't care much for. While Skinner unsurprisingly is one of the tireless tax fighters at the McHenryCountyBlog.

Needless to say the McHenry County GOP Central Committee, chaired by State Rep Mike Tryon, decided the ballot didn't need any more loose canons and declined to slate Franklin.

End of story? Haha, the McHenry TeaPartiers called a special meeting, for this Saturday in Crystal Lake, of the McHenry County GOP Central Committee. If a quorum of GOP committeemen convene, they can caucus in Franklin at the special meeting.

The organizers doubtless are hoping there will be some flies on the wall at their meeting, however -- otherwise it is not likely they will make their quorum. In fact your LakeCountyEye has learned from unimpregnable sources that they will not draw a quorum -- expect the McHenry County GOP leaders & rank-and-file to boycott the meeting. Your LakeCountyEye offers as proof these 10 overheard expressly stated excuses:

Ten Reasons Why McHenry County GOP Committeemen
Will Not Attend Their Special Central Committee Meeting
  1. Got stuck behind a tractor on Route 47.
  2. Illinois law prohibits concealed carry -- decline to attend without adequate protection.
  3. The birth certificate is in the bank safe box -- can't get to it before Monday.
  4. What's the WebEx number?
  5. Saturday is the day we rotate the crops.
  6. Never got the notice -- the spam filter blocks everything from the McHenryCountyBlog.
  7. Isn't June 2 Apocalypse 2012 day?
  8. Currently in Springfield, cussin' out Michael Madigan:

  9. Our people will call your people.
  10. What is this supposed to be -- Lake County?

Look for your LakeCountyFly on a wall near you.

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Anonymous said...

Funny thing is this Rep VOTED for the same procedural rules he is now ranting against.