Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Walsh Wersus Walsh

They say I'm crazy but I have a good timeYour LakeCountyEye is back from overseas, after a far-flung search for independent voters qualified to sign nominating petitions for some generous Illinois independent candidates.

As luck would have it, nothing in this week's Lake County newspapers lends itself to Internet political satire. Except for this reliable old evergreen ...

Haha bantyrooster & soon to be one-term-congressman Joe Walsh just got pwned by his opponent Tammy Duckworth. According to the Northwest Herald ...
An Iraq war veteran from Illinois hoping to limit tea party-backed Republican Rep. Joe Walsh to a single term in Congress was endorsed Tuesday by none other than ... Joe Walsh. Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, that is. The six-time Grammy-winning rocker said he's "the real Joe Walsh" and that he's proud to back Democrat Tammy Duckworth in her bid for the 8th Congressional District seat. The musician, who lived in Evanston for a few years as a child, will hold a fundraising concert for her in July
Eagles' Joe Walsh backs opponent of Rep. Joe Walsh
Not to be outdone, the surreal Joe Walsh shot back with a fundraising letter to his donors, and according to misinformed sources, is actively soliciting a celebrity endorsement of his own. This should come as no surprise to operatives because of a well-known axiom in politics that if one candidate has X then every candidate has to get an X of their own. In this case, X is a celebrity endorsement -- ten of them, by your LakeCountyEye's last count:

Celebrity Endorsements Solicited by Ten Local Candidates
  1. US Rep Joe Walsh is itching for the endorsement of Ted Nugent
  2. Former Eighth Congressional District candidate David McSweeney seeks the endorsement of Bernie Leadon -- Eagles band member (1971-1975) that Walsh replaced
  3. US Senator Mark Kirk is wooing the endorsement of the author of The First Wives Club
  4. Willard "Mitt" Romney is counting on the endorsement of "Willard" Mitt Helander
  5. IL Senator Terry Link is betting on the endorsement of libertarian & high-stakes-gambler William Bennett
  6. IL Rep Jack Franks will be running unopposed and does not need a celebrity endorsement
  7. Lake County State's Attorney Michael Waller is lowspeed chasing the endorsement of OJ Simpson
  8. IL Rep candidate Lauren Turelli urgently needs the endorsement of Yahoo! CEO & resume embellisher, Scott Thompson
  9. US Rep Robert Dold is dead certain to get the endorsement of the Orkin Man
  10. IL Senator Suzi Schmidt is chasing down the endorsement of Dog the Bounty Hunter

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