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A Blink of the Eye: 05.21.11

Independent candidates have until June 25 to file for the November ballot, and until then your LakeCountyEye will be at the O'Hare International Terminal soliciting high-quality petition signatures.

In the meantime, please enjoy this encore presentation of a 2011 post:

Saturday, May 21, 2011
Some Boobs

One Lake County Township Highway commissioner that everyone loves to hate is in the news again -- well technically speaking not the news but the blogs.

The duly elected Cuba Township Highway commissioner, Thomas Gooch, in his day job is a partner at the Wauconda law firm, Gauthier & Gooch. One of the Gawker blogs, Jezebel, is reporting that ...
A lawsuit against an Illinois car dealership took a strange turn recently, when the defendant's lawyer complained about a "large breasted woman" in the courtroom.
Lawyer Objects To "Large Breasted Woman" In Courtroom
According to court documents, the large breasted woman was a para-legal for the plaintiff's attorney. While the defendant's lawyer was Thomas Gooch.

Gooch's motion, in part, read ...
Defendant's counsel is anecdotally familiar with the tactics and theatrics of Plaintiff's counsel, [redacted]. Such behavior includes having a large breasted woman sit next to him at counsel's table during the course of the trial. There is no evidence whatsoever that this woman has any legal training whatsoever, and the sole purpose of her presence at Plaintiff's Counsel's table is to draw the attention of the jury away from the relevant proceedings before this court, obviously prejudicing the Defendant's in this or any other cause. Until it is shown that this woman has any sort of legal background, she should be required to sit in the gallery with the rest of the spectators and be barred from sitting at counsel's table during the course of this trial.
Lawyer Objects To "Large Breasted Woman" In Courtroom
Gauthier & Gooch declined to further comment to Jezebel. In Gooch's defense, as a Township Highway commissioner he would be expected to enjoy a firm grasp on the proper deployment of air-bags. And highbeams.

Not uncoincidentally, the Cuba Township Highway Department declined to further comment to your LakeCountyEye -- after your LakeCountyEye inquired whether their snowplows were outfitted with car bras.

It's your LakeCountyEye's job to keep abreast of developments in Lake County. So you don't have to.

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