Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ride Free All Day!

training wheelsThat giant sucking sound you hear are not jobs going to Mexico Wisconsin. When going down on the November ballot those are all the candidates you will see without opponents. The Northwest Herald reports that ...
While McHenry County voters will have new elected representatives under redistricting, their ballots likely will not have contested races for countywide and statewide offices. A 5 p.m. Monday deadline for establishment parties to fill ballot vacancies passed without any new petitions being filed.
Filing deadline passes with no new contested matchups
Lake County has not as many uncontested races, (one notable being Ed Sullivan, who gets a free ride in Rep District 51), which has the tireless tax fighters at the McHenryCountyBlog fightin' mad:
Round Lake Area News reports that the Lake County Democrats candidate for Circuit Clerk, Cynthia Pruim Haran, dropped out of the race. Did that discourage the Democrats across the county line. Nooo. They nominated a new candidate named Rupam Davé and probably are still out circulating petitions to get her on the ballot.
Lake County Dems Go Where McHenry County GOP Fear to Tread
Your LakeCountyEye notes that if the Lake County Democrats are circulating petitions for Rupam Davé, they are more inept than they pretend to be. In a situation where a previously balloted candidate withdraws, a replacement candidate is not required to gather signatures. The new candidate only needs to be causused in by their Party.

But your LakeCountyEye feels the McHenryCountyBlog's pain. And observes that it is not too late to run Patsy Tonya Franklin as an Independent. To be sure, running as an Independent is sort of like taking your cousin to the prom. But since this is McHenry County, who will know any different?

Congressman & banty rooster Joe Walsh may think there are no independent voters left ...

But your LakeCountyEye is quite sure 1500 independents can be found, just enough needed for that Independent candidate of yours to get on the November ballot!


Cal Skinner said...

Since Tonya Franklin voted in the GOP Primary Election, she cannot run as an Independent.

Remember that new law designed to further limit competition?

Barney Baxter said...

hi Cal,

I did not know that Tonya Franklin had a voting record. Thanks for the FYI!