Saturday, June 16, 2012

Willard Helander in the Badger State

voter meowerYour LakeCountyEye has a winner!

As readers of this blog are recently aware ...
Q the Eye/06.15.12
Lake County's top-notch journalists get all their best story leads from surfing the web and reading the Internet blogs. Case in point, no sooner was Lake County Clerk Willard Helander's unannounced trip to Racine exposed by EllenOfTheTenth ...
Voter Power Just A Button
than the Daily Herald ran their own version:
Helander worked as a poll watcher because she wanted to observe voting procedures during the contentious election, which saw Republican Gov. Scott Walker retain his post. "I'm interested in fair elections anywhere," she said.
Complaint filed against Lake Co. clerk — in Wisconsin
One day before the Daily Herald covered it, the story also appeared on this very blog:
Ten Reasons Why Lake County Clerk Willard Helander
Would Be Poll Watching at the Wisconsin Recall Election
  1. It would be unseemly to be seen suppressing the vote in Waukegan.
  2. Was in Wisconsin for annual fishing trip with Princess Nudelman.
  3. Got all the green lights going north, and just couldn't stop.
  4. Secret Identity: Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  5. Two Words: the Cheese & the Brats
  6. Took the opportunity to see how it's done by the pros.
  7. Made a wrong turn on the Route 53 Extension.
  8. Exercising constitutional right to intimidate registered voters.
  9. Carrying water for the Elephant.
  10. Does anyone named Willard really need a reason for anything?
Bad Girls
Since Helander told the Daily Herald "I'm interested in fair elections anywhere" the lucky operative who guessed number #6 can step forward and claim your half-pint of bourbon. Please vote first.


Anonymous said...

She's a monster! Even her staff thinks she's a shill and an apologist for the GO-Tea Party's powers that be. Her efforts to shun voting by mail have resulted in state law. Her efforts to legitimize voter registration limitation against individuals in North Chicago, while turning a blind eye to obvious voter registration fraud by the likes of Illinois Senate candidate Don Castella(and I shudder to even type his name because he is SO not newsworthy) goes untouched. We have an utterly partisan County Clerk and that is why we have a county government more expensive than DuPage County, which had a smaller population. Oh, did I mention the mistakes in the past primary. Send this witch back to Tennessee where she belongs!

Anonymous said...

This really seems like a bigger story than how it has been treated. The woman in charge of fair elections in Lake County has been charged with interfering in fair elections in the neighboring state. When will Lake County wake up to the strangle hold the GOP has on this county to it's financial and moral detriment? Wrongful convictions and jailhouse deaths (from misdemeanor crimes); bad cops; bad judges... Really, any party gets stale when there's been no change in decades. It's time for a clean-out. First to go should be Helander so we can assure some fair elections.