Thursday, May 31, 2012

Franklin, My Dear, I Don't Give a Damn

At first blush it would appear that the UNIVAC computer software program that auto-generates the content for the McHenryCountyBlog may be stuck in an infinite loop. Or maybe the blog was hacked by a Spambot. In reality, somebody maybe just wants somebody to run for State Rep, and in the worse way:
Clock Is Running on Finding GOP Opponent for Jack Franks

19 Days Until Jack Franks Gets a Third Free Ride from McHenry County Republicans

18 Days Until McHenry County Republicans Give Democrat "Chainsaw Jack" Franks Ability to Campaign Statewide with Impunity

Wouldn't You Think Tom Cross Would Want an Opponent for "Chainsaw Jack" Franks? 17 Days to Get One

16 Days for McHenry County Republicans to Put Someone on the Ballot against State Rep. "Chainsaw Jack" Franks

15 Days from "Chainsaw Jack" Franks' Big Celebration Because the McHenry County GOP Didn't Put Up an Opponent, Even though Tonya Franklin Volunteered

13 Days Until "Chainsaw Jack" Franks Can Schedule a First Week of November Vacation

12 Days Before McHenry County Republicans Help "Chainsaw Jack" Franks Build a Better Fiefdom

10 Days Before the McHenry County GOP Hands "Chainsaw Jack" Franks an Opponentless Election

8 Days Until GOP Cedes "Chainsaw Jack" Franks an Eighth Term

Two Days Until County GOP Can Take Major Step to Put Opponent on the Ballot against "Chainsaw Jack" Franks
These are a sample of the dozens of blog posts deploring the fact that Jack Franks, bĂȘte noire to the McHenryCountyBlog, will be unopposed in the November election.

Unopposed, but not for a lack of willing candidates. According to the Northwest Herald ...
Tonya Franklin of Woodstock wants to be appointed to run for the 63rd House District in which Franks, D-Marengo, has run unopposed in two of the previous three elections. County GOP leadership turned her down as a political neophyte without a solid grasp of the issues in Springfield
GOP hopeful fighting own party to run
Why is McHenry County GOP Chairman State Rep Mike Tryon bucking his rank & file to give a free pass to State Rep Franks? It may be because of who Franklin knows. The Northwest Herald observed that ...
election activist Sharon Meroni and county political blogger Cal Skinner -- are helping Franklin force the issue through a special Saturday meeting of the county GOP Central Committee to override leadership and get the party’s blessing.
GOP hopeful fighting own party to run
Your LakeCountyEye draws a blank upon seeing the name Cal Skinner; but readers of this blog should immediately recognize the name Sharon Meroni:
Unidentified Flying Objections

Challenge Challenged?
This is the same Sharon Meroni who has made a cottage industry out of filing election challenges against local candidates -- in particular those candidates who have not produced their birth certificates and proofs of citizenship. Haha it's left as an exercise to operatives to guess why Tonya Franklin can't get anyone who matters to return her calls.

As to the tireless taxfighters at the McHenryCountyBlog, here is a free webwidget countdown clock to embed in your website:

Countdown Clock

Monday June 4, 2012, 5:00 PM

Day of Appointment
Day of Disappointment?

Note to operatives who will be attending the special Saturday caucus. Don't forget to bring your birth certificates.

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