Sunday, May 6, 2012

Q the Eye/05.06.12

Dear LakeCountyEye,

Why are there so many lawyers in Congress?

Clarence Darrow
Dear Clarence Darrow If That's Your Real Name,

Ὥρος HōrosThe short answer is lawyers are experts in the law -- they know how to lawyer themselves out of a potentially embarrassing situation before it reaches the public eye.

Non-lawyers do not possess this valuable life-skill. For example, Lake County has one Congressman who is not a lawyer but instead is a self-proclaimed venture capitalist. All that VC money apparently has not kept this Congressman out of family court over the past two years.

This also explains why you don't see many business owners in Congress. What does every business owner have too many of -- other than creditors? Laid-off, fired, and/or disgruntled employees. These are the sort of low-paid employees who do not have many outlets for redressing their grievances, beyond posting a rant on YouTube.

One hapless Lake County Congressman who is not a lawyer -- but does own a business -- has become the target of a disgruntled employee:

Congressman Robert J. Dold 10th District Illinois
Excellent video, by the way. A tip of the LakeCountyEye green eyeshade goes out to some anonymous (and nodoubt low-paid) operative in the DCCC.

He's like the North Koreans don't vote for this guy you've been warned.

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Anonymous said...

BB - that video is so pathetic. Can't believe even you would post it, Mr. non-partisan.

The postings of a disgruntled employee should somehow sway voters? And his accent really adds credibility as well. Looks like the video was made in a storage locker.

He kills BUGS! EW! said...

Typical Dold, Tea-Party response, anon 12:36. Anyone with a foreign accent lacks credibility.

Anonymous said...

No, typical response to a silly post by BB. I would feel that way about any post of this nature, no matter who it was bashing.

I have been a business owner for years. Treat everyone fairly who has worked for me, pay them well, respect them almost as family.

Yet, I have had disgruntled employees who would bash me and my organization. They have all been losers who had been let go by one of my managers.

If this guy on the video truly had a case or a brain, don't you think there are dozens of avenues he can go to in order to be heard other than a youtube video made in his storage locker/vampires lair?

Or will you give me a typical liberal leftist response of there being no fairness for the 99%?

He kills BUGS! EW! said...

Nice try, anon, but off the mark. Tea Partiers in the 10th district do not like or trust people with accents: they lack credibility. You said it, you own it, you didn't refute it or withdraw it when you had the opportunity.

All your disgruntled employees are losers? That this videographer made this video means to you that this is the only avenue he pursued, and is, hence, an idiot? And because of the less than 6 feet of background view, you presume its a storage locker and not a garage in Lake Forest or a basement in Wilmette?

Face it, bro. You're a self-righteous, self-absorbed Tea Bagger, who looks out at the world wearing bile-colored glasses. I'd be surprised if you had a single satisfied employee or customer.

Anonymous said...

I am not a tea bagger, not even close.

But I agree with everything else you said.

Yes, all my disgruntled employees are losers. Yes, he is an idiot for making this video. Yes, the background is a storage locker, and he is a bigger idiot for not even knowing how to point a camera. And yes, it is not a garage in Lake Forest or Wilmette because someone who lives there would not have a job killing bugs - and then lose the job to boot.

Yes, I am righteous. And yes, my classes are tinted - from experience, hard work, intelligence and street smarts.

And you are wrong - I have hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers, and I have at least 100 satisfied employees.

But I am not a tea bagger.

I hope this truth pisses you off just a little bit, as it is good to be me.

Anonymous said...

And another thing "EW", his only complaint is that Dold is like North Korea.

So that is what you think is an intelligent argument? That Dold is like North Korea? And you say I am off the mark by calling this guy and idiot?

So what would satisfy him in his work? If Dold was like.....Transylvania?

What a joke. Keep occupying "EW." I'm sure he has space in that storage locker.

He kills BUGS! EW! said...

Blah, blah, blah....

Your slightly psycho tirade and spelling issues haven't convinced anyone. Go back to Team America and scream about Ellen.

Evidence trumps testimony, Secret Squirrel; you're a clearly a Tea Bagger, and I detect a little foam around the edges of your mouth.