Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All You Gotta Do is Act Naturally

The Lake County liberal blogosphere will dispel any doubts that global warming is man-made. That's because it is seething over a News-Sun story about Congressman Robert Dold:
Dold keeping close eye on environment
Dold, whose family owns Rose Pest Solutions, is portrayed in glowing terms by the News-Sun as a pro-environment candidate. This is anathema to the crybaby left, which regards Dold as an exterminator by profession who makes a comfortable living waging chemical warfare against the environment. These same bug-hugging lefties regard the rebranding of the 10th District Congressman as a page cynically stolen from the Karl Rove playbook.

Your LakeCountyEye, to the contrary, traffics in facts, not innuendo.  In this particular case the facts are all contained in their training manual which can be downloaded from the Rose Pest Solutions website:

Rose Pest SolutionsSM Quality Pro Training
It is obvious that Congressman Dold has not stolen a page from the Karl Rove playbook. Dold is stealing pages out of his own company training manual!

For instance, according to the News-Sun, Dold ...
was in the area for a ground-breaking ceremony for a Macy's store at Gurnee Mills, and he said that he really loves these types of events where he gets outdoors.
While, according to the the Rose manual, it is important not to leave a bad impression:
Customer Relations
Appropriate Behavior
  • Two-thirds of customers who quit doing business with a company do so because of an attitude of indifference from a company employee. The employee "just doesn't seem to care"
The News-Sun also notes that ...
Dold is one of the few United States representatives who is not afraid to say that the political parties need to work together to make progress on the myriad of problems facing the country.
And that is exactly what the doctor Rose manual orders:
Keep your conversations with customers professional
  • Do not complain about your work, your boss, or your personal life.
  • Do not criticize other people (co-workers, competitors, politicians, etc.)
  • Do not discuss politics, religion, sex, or other controversial subjects.
  • Do not discuss the pest problems of other customer's.
Finally, the News-Sun reports that ...
Dold agreed. "It is absolutely critical that we protect our environment and conserve it for generations to come," he said.
And the Rose manual couldn't agree more:
Ground water can become contaminated with pesticides and decontamination of this water can be difficult or impossible. Contamination can occur when:
  • Rain carries dissolved pesticide down through the soil (a process called leaching).
  • Pesticide is back-siphoned from pesticide tanks.
  • Termiticides enter wells during termite treatments
  • Pesticides, particularly concentrates, are not disposed of properly.
Get the straight dope here from your LakeCountyEye and don't end up like those whiny liberals with minds all addled from drinking the well water Koolaid!


Anonymous said...

Lake County liberal intelligencia would surely prefer bedbugs, termites, ants to overwhelm their communes, but it is hard to bang in your drum-circle while fighting off malaria.

Removed from the Drum-circle for lack of rhythm said...

Drum-circles? Liberal intelligencia?

Actually what we'd really prefer is a member of congress who either straight-up tells the truth or lies. Dold's have-truths demonstrate that he's forgotten where the truth lay in the first place.

Anonymous said...

This guy doesn't pay his employees at Rose Pest any overtime! An hypocrite...ask his employees...he cut our wages and doesn't pay overtime and if we complain...we're fired (7 fired in the last 2 years...7 out of a team of 12 at Northfield office. Please don't vote for this evil, evil man.