Monday, April 30, 2012

Magnum Obtuse

Come to think of it now, your LakeCountyEye hasn't made any fun lately of the Tea-Party Republicans over at the TeamAmerica10th. Either. Hopefully this will make amends.

An actual unretouched screen cap from TeamAmerica10th:

Team America's 10th District Blog
Kudos to TeamAmerica10th for their perceptive choice of stand-your-ground firepower. According to the Gun Wiki, the .357 Magnum ...
is an excellent self-defense round; it still enjoys a reputation of being the gold standard of stopping power among handgun cartridges. Some of those who have used it have described a "struck by lightning" reaction in those hit with it. For big game, such as ungulates and bears (which have a sturdier build than humans), it is inferior to the .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, .41 Magnum and other bigger magnum rounds. Still, it is a fine small and medium game round and will kill deer very reliably at short range if the right loads (140 grain and heavier hollowpoint bullets) are carefully used by a qualified marksman.
.357 Magnum
When your LakeCountyEye is travelling abroad, to destinations like Sanford Florida, the .357 is the conceal-carry of choice.

At home, of course things are different.  Illinois, to the shame of the nation, is the last state without a conceal-carry law. Unless this unpardonable situation is remedied by the spineless legislators in Springfield, residents in the Illinois Tenth Congressional District, and other high crime regions, would be advised to stay shuttered in their homes, especially after dark. Until then, homeowners from the meanstreets of big cities like Mettawa and Lake Forest could do worse than follow TeamAmerica10th's lead: Protect your property and loved ones from behind the awesome stopping-power of a .357 Magnum!


Team America said...

Hi BB - I thought I was a Rockefeller Republican, not a Tea-Party Republican. But if I am, then everyone is a Tea-Party Republican, which would fit nicely with the meme that the Dems would like to use this fall, especially on moderates like Bob Dold. The real Tea-Party Republicans hardly like talking to me, except for Joe Walsh, who will gladly talk to anyone. Which is a good thing.

BTW, the Team American weapon of choice is actually a Beretta 92; I just liked the pic of the .357

Bystander said...

I feel sorry for the people whose worldview is so dark that they actually believe they need concealed weapons. Don't they ever wonder how so many of us have managed to stay alive this long?

Team America said...

Bystander - yes, it's amazing that we're so much smarter here in Illinois than the people in the other 49 states who allow concealed carry.

When seconds count, the police are only minutes away...

Barney Baxter said...

hi TA,

Rockefeller Republican, Tea-Party Republican.

To-may-to, to-mah-to?


Bystander said...

TA, have you ever been in a situation personally where you would have used a firearm to protect your self, family, or property? I haven't - even when I lived in much sketchier areas than Lake County. And my mother always used to say, if everybody else jumped off a cliff, would you follow them? Just because 49 states have piled onto the concealed carry bandwagon doesn't mean Illinois should.

LC Truth said...

TA...I am metrics kind of person, and quite frankly Dold's votes are far from being moderate. Sure the Tea Party leaders have given him some soft issue votes to bamboozle the average voter, but his votes cast in 112th Congress align with the Tea Party. He just can't hide form that.