Monday, April 9, 2012

Statute of Eliminations

a vanishing breedIf the year was 1982 and David McSweeney was Boeing stock then your LakeCountyEye would be wishing to have bet on David McSweeney. However it's not 1982 any more. For that matter, David McSweeney is not Boeing stock. Ha ha, McSweeney, the Republican nominee for the 52nd Representative District seemed to be on a glide-path to electoral victory in November. But as readers of this blog are aerodynamically aware ...
McSweeney Agonistes?
McSweeney has, all-of-a-sudden, a high-profile opponent in the 2012 Election, Dee Beaubien. It is being widely reported that Mark Beaubien's widow is considering an Independent run against McSweeney. If so, that McSweeney glide-path may now be a tail-spin, as Beaubien's enviable name-recognition would virtually guarantee her the seat in November.

There had been a golden parachute floating over McSweeney's horizon. A bill HB2009, signed into law on March 30, prohibits anyone who voted in a Primary from running in the General election as an Independent candidate or for a different party.

That parachute, however, may turn out to be a lead balloon. The tireless tax fighters at the McHenryCountyBlog are reporting that ...
One would have thought that Dee Beaubien, who worked the phones to get her husband's budget man, Kent Gaffney, appointed to fill Mark's spot, would have voted in the Republican primary election for him. But she didn't. She took a non-partisan ballot
Dee Beaubien Covers Bases in Primary by Voting Non-Partisan
Ha ha, no flies on Dee! It's widely believed that no one on either side of the aisle is eager to see McSweeney join the Illinois Legislature -- none of which was likely lost on Beaubien. That McSweeney stock, in your LakeCountyEye's opinion, is about as valuable these days as shares in Pan Am.

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