Friday, April 6, 2012

Heartland of Gold

oaken heartedYour LakeCountyEye's green eyeshade sure must be red, for misleading readers of this blog into thinking Lake County is hopping mad:
Judy Judy Judy
Lake County is not hopping mad. According to the News-Sun, Lake County's blood is boiling:
A report last month by a government watchdog group should get any Lake County property owner's blood boiling. While the study by the nonprofit Heartland Institute analyzed Cook County property taxes levies, its sobering message applies to Lake County, and the other collar counties, as well. The Heartland study was based on rising property tax levies in Cook County from 2000 to 2010. It's conclusion: The property tax has become overly burdensome on businesses and homeowners, and government spending cannot continue at current levels.
Our View: Taxing decisions
So, Lake County property taxes are too high and the voters are not happy? No two ways about it, a gutsy call by the News-Sun!

It's not often the News-Sun goes out on a limb like this, so it should come as no surprise they base their anti-tax jeremiad on some policy statements issued by the Heartland Institute. For readers of this blog not aware, the "nonprofit" Heartland Institute is a libertarian think-tank that gets the bulk of its funding from corporate and free-market advocacy sources like oil companies, tobacco companies, pharmaceutical companies. And with that special interest money, the Heartland Institute is at the ready to share its facts and figures and opinions on the vital issues of the day. Take it from your LakeCountyEye, for the pressed op/ed writer up against a deadline, the Heartland Institute is a Godsend.

To prove it, your LakeCountyEye has collected ten more public policy ideas from the Heartland Institute, readymade to become that next Pultizer-quality no-holds-barred editorial:

Ten Heartland Institute Public Policy Positions
  1. Net Neutrality Should Be Rejected
  2. Global Warming is a Myth
  3. Second-Hand Smoke is Not a Health Hazard
  4. A Privatized System of Education Will Outperform the Public Schools
  5. Genetically Engineered Crops are a Boon
  6. The Great Lakes Water Resources Compact Ought to be Repealed
  7. Increases in Atmospheric CO2 are Beneficial
  8. Municipal Wi-Fi is Undesirable
  9. Natural Gas Should be Obtained by Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)
  10. Heartland Institute 1994 Public Policy Director: Joe Walsh

Look for your your LakeCountyEye, mad as hell, and not going to take it anymore.


Bystander said...

It's pretty shocking that the News Sun would cite a study by the Heartland Institute as though it were authoritative and without bias or agenda. Thanks for unveiling this. I hope in the future their editorial staff will be a little more circumspect in evaluating their sources.

Barney Baxter said...

hi Bystander,

Yup when it comes to the Heartland Institute, the truth is stranger than fiction.